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How Online Casinos Have Become a Popular Form of Amusement in India

What do you do for fun? There are likely certain activities that you do on a regular basis that you find to be quite...
Wheatgrass Juice

Wheatgrass Juice Benefits: Helps in weight loss and blood pressure

We have drunk many types of juices, but many will be hearing about wheatgrass juice for the first time. Wheatgrass is prepared from the...
national epilepsy day

On this national epilepsy day, stand by that patient

This day of November 17, is celebrated to raise awareness about epilepsy disease. In India, Epilepsy Foundation marked it as ‘National Epilepsy Day’. About 10...

Can consumption of sweets lower your appetite?

Sweet consumption plays a vital role in the health of an individual and is known especially for its association with weight gain. However, not...
Home remedies for dandruff

Annoyed by dandruff !!! Here is your solution

In addition to the pleasantly cool weather, winter brings a significant number of health problems for every human being. Every part of our body...
Ethnic Look

The Best Ethnic Look: Try These 5 Ethnic Look in wedding season

In India, this season coincides with festivals as well as weddings. For wedding functions, choose an ethnic outfit, but keep in mind that it...
Mediterranean diet

Consumption of the Mediterranean diet might help reduce stress levels

Stress can be caused due to daily stressors, major life events like loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, etc. Stress can have mental...
Health Benefits Of Tulsi

Health Benefits Of Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Tulsi not only gives you health benefits, but also enhances your beauty. Tulsi contains anti-bacterial elements that do not allow the wound to ripen....

Foods that help reduce your acidity/reflux issues

Acidity is characterized by heartburn especially below the chest. Certain lifestyle habits like skipping meals, long hours without eating, lack of physical activity, stress...
World Pneumonia Day

Connect to this campaign against pneumonia | Hike up awareness on this World Pneumonia...

Pneumonia is the single largest infectious cause of death for adults and children, taking the lives of 25 million people in 2019, including 672,000...

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