Five tips to make this Friendship day memorable with your best friends, while maintaining social distancing

Friendship’s day is a very special day which calls for a celebration of the strong bond and relationship you share with your amazing buddies. Hellen Keller has rightly said “True friends are never apart, maybe in distance, but never by heart”. 


It’s Friendship Day on 1st August and just when you start to think about what you could possibly do while staying indoors, we’ve got your back. Rest assured, you’ll not only be able to celebrate the day with your friends to the fullest, but create memories that will last a lifetime even though you may be miles apart.

Here are some cool ideas that can make Friendship’s Day 2021 memorable:

1.      Binge Watch BFF series- Adulting or Operation MBBS:


The best part of Friendship’s Day is that it falls on a Sunday and there’s no better day than a Sunday to relax and binge- watch. How about this year, you and your friends grab some popcorn and binge the fun web series on Dice Media revolving around friendship, like ‘Adulting’ to know how two flatmates turned best friends are supporting one another to sail through adulthood in their own ways and ‘Operation MBBS’ wherein three friends deal with hardships of life and academics while their friendship grows stronger each day. These series can make anyone’s heart melt through the beautiful bonds captured by showcasing the journey of an ever- lasting   connection we share with our friends. . You will definitely be reminded that even if you have tiffs with your buddies, you’ve always got each other’s backs. 

2.      Gifting a fashion jewellery by Sukkhi to dazzle your besties day 

There is no better surprise for a woman than a fine piece of jewellery, Sukkhi comes to the rescue with pocket friendly, yet beautiful and elegant jewellery designs that will make your BFF feel special on this day. This surprise gift is sure to bring a huge smile on your friends faces.

3.      Play Multiplayer Games

Playing with your friends whether indoors or outdoors has been the best form of entertainment and fun. Most of the indoor games are one click away on mobile applications. You can play Carom, Ludo, Pool, Bull Bash, and many more multiplayer games live as well as stream exciting games with your friends on Loco, a leading live game streaming platform. 

4.      Take a day- out to exercise together or pamper your friend with a fitness tracker

Meaningful gifting ideas can surely make your friends’ day. You can motivate your friends to be fit and take fitness seriously by giving them the Syska SW200 Bolt Smartwatch, loaded with multiple health-related features. It will surely be your friend’s new fitness buddy by keeping a record of their active lifestyle and monitoring their step count, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate. 

5.      Treating your BFF with her favourite meal and enjoying this together virtually:

In these difficult times, everyone is apprehensive about going to their favourite restaurant and enjoying their favourite cuisine or meal, but with Swiggy and Zomato, it is perfect to say that the world has actually granted these wishes on our fingertips. You can order your friend’s favourite food for him/her and have one meal together, talking about fun stories, trips taken together and more that you had before the Pandemic hit the country.

Lets celebrate this Friendship’s Day with a twist by maintaining social- distancing while being virtually connected, cherishing these bonds and making it a memorable one. Friendship is not about where you spent your day, it is about how you spent your day with your lovely friends. 

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