Fixed Vs Removable Braces: Which is Better?

Do you smile a little less, and when you do, you do it with your lips sealed? Do you find it weird to laugh in a room full of people? 


Having crooked or crowded teeth is normal. But if it has become a reason for embarrassment, it’s time for you to get fixed or removable braces. Getting braces will help you straighten your teeth and achieve the perfect smile. 

Fixed Vs Removable Braces
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But here comes the important question – should you opt for fixed braces or removable braces? Don’t worry. Read on as we’ve come bearing answers.  

When should you get braces?  


Taking the initial step towards a better smile can be hard. But don’t let this stop you from getting the much-needed treatment. If you’re still unsure of getting removable teeth braces or fixed braces, find out when you need them.  

  • You have an overbite – If you’ve been ridiculed often because the upper half of your pearly whites lie further than the lower set, you need braces.  
  • You have an underbite – In case your lower teeth overlap the upper ones, you can experience eating issues.  
  • Your teeth have a lot of space in between – Sometimes, teeth have a crazy gap in between. This gap can make your teeth appear too large or small.  
  • You have little teeth space – People with little to no teeth space experience overcrowding. This way, the teeth overlap each other.  
  • You have an open bite – This one is a unique situation. Having an open bite means having space at the front side of teeth while biting.  
  • You want straight teeth – If you simply admire perfectly aligned teeth, you can get minor issues fixed with removable braces.  

What are removable braces?  

Removable braces, as the name suggests, are removable. You can literally snap them in and out of your mouth to improve the appearance of your smile.  

Removable teeth braces are a popular choice among people who want to fix orthodontic issues as they promote the movement of teeth to predestined spots. Most importantly, removable braces get camouflaged, and you can remove them easily while eating, brushing or flossing.  

Benefits of removable braces  

  • Removable braces are invisible  
  • They can be taken out easily while eating, flossing or brushing  
  • You don’t need any special tools to keep the braces clean  
  • Removable teeth retainers cover all your teeth  
  • They are cosmetically pleasing and usually unnoticeable  

What are fixed braces?  

Fixed braces use metal or ceramic bands or brackets that are temporarily stuck to your teeth. A wire is used to tie all these brackets together.  

While fixed retainers provide good results, you cannot take them out. Also, keeping them clean can be tricky as food gets stuck between them, causing buildup and gum issues.  

Benefits of fixed braces  

  • Since fixed braces remain on your teeth 24×7, they ensure no shifting of front teeth  
  • Fixed braces help with a variety of orthodontic issues, ranging from crowding to spacing 
  • Fixed braces need to be worn for a shorter period to get optimum results  

Should you opt for removable braces or fixed braces? 

Both fixed and removable braces come with certain benefits. While both braces help straighten your teeth and promise a healthy smile, removable braces offer additional benefits.  

First things first, getting removable braces is a painless procedure. Secondly, this type of braces is invisible and won’t change your look. Plus, you can binge eat your favourite food after removing these braces. And most importantly, removable braces require minimum visits to the clinic.  

Bottom line: where can you find the best removable braces? 

If you’ve made up your mind and want to take the first step towards achieving a healthy smile, you can opt for toothsi removable braces, aka aligners.  

But why are we suggesting toothsi? This is because toothsi is on a mission to deliver happy and healthy smiles by correcting orthodontic issues.  

Removable braces by toothsi are easy to clean and cause no pain. You can remove them while eating and put them back in seconds. Sounds like a smooth ride, right? 

So, get in touch with toothsi and be ready to flaunt your smile!  

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