Aarsun Woods – Royal Furniture company in India to open offline stores in 40 cities by 2024 end

Aarsun Woods Private Limited (Aarsun) is an Indian company working in hand-made furniture from solid wood. With experience of over 40 years in handicrafts and with a resource of top artisans Aarsun has made its name across the globe in Royal Furniture. Ashish Mittal – Director of Aarsun Woods Pvt Ltd recently announced the opening of their new store in Mysuru, Karnataka, and discussed their plan to expand to open offline stores in 40 cities in India by the end of 2024. The first store is on the CoCo model (Company owned company operated store) in Mysore to provide an experience center to its clients near the city and especially Bangalore which has easy access to the city.


Presence of the AarSun Woods in the South part of India

The Mysuru store of Aarsun is the first in India and is they chose this location to strengthen the presence of the company in South part of India. The major clientele of Aarsun is from this region as love of art and architecture has always been there in this part of the world.

Besides India Aarsun is also a major exporter of Premium Furniture and the company informed they are doing business in 55+ countries already. The top leadership of Aarsun works with an aim to promote their local hand-carving art on a major scale on the global platform. Their efforts have brought business for the locals and accolades for the company as their products are quite amazing and exceed the quality available in different parts of the world.

With their primary facility in the Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, Aarsun caters to its worldwide clients from their base unit. Top-level Interior Designers, Architects, and Home Decorators are the clients of Aarsun who get their ideas converted to real furniture for their clients. Ashish Mittal – Director of Aarsun Woods – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashish-mittal-44ba347/ who is also quite popular among clients, for his detailed explanatory videos of furniture on YouTube and Social media, recently shared the company’s plans to open more offline stores.


He mentioned the company is in touch with several furniture vendors who are interested in the Franchisee of Aarsun as there is a huge demand for Royal Furniture in their areas. Ashish Mittal founder of Aarsun, has helped to take the local art of wood carving to a global level with his presentation skills and simple & easy to understand explanations of the products. Aarsun Furniture has a huge presence on the internet with most of the social media channels covered, have more than 2 Lac subscribers on Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/@Aarsun/videos

Experience Created New Goals

With their first experience store in Mysore, Karnataka for South India clients, Aarsun has decided to expand its presence by venturing into physical stores in India. This strategic move aligns with the goal to engage with customers in a more personalized and practical manner. Aarsun has huge demand in various parts of India and this store will save time of travel for the clients who visit all the way to Saharanpur.

The trend in the furniture market across India has changed in the last few years, and most of the furniture store owners in India know about Aarsun. They credit Aarsun for bringing Carving Furniture back in demand as earlier it was plain and imported furniture that was majorly in demand. The Indian market has seen dramatic turnarounds with more requirements for solid wood and designer furniture back in demand. The store owners now are looking for branded designer furniture for their clients and Aarsun is the top choice. Number of store owners already in the Furniture Industry are in talks with Aarsun to open a store in their respective areas to cater to local clients.

aarsun mysore store

The company is hopeful to cross the number of 40 stores easily as home owners are looking for good quality furniture, at better prices. The market is expanding exponentially & Aarsun Furniture has huge potential in the designer & Royal Wooden Furniture segment. With some vendors who are already working in different countries with local stores, Aarsun is looking forward for some International stores also in near future.

Details about Aarsun Furniture is available on their website – https://aarsunwoods.com

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