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Can consumption of sweets lower your appetite?

Sweet consumption plays a vital role in the health of an individual and is known especially for its association with weight gain. However, not a lot is known about how sugar can influence appetite...
Mediterranean diet

Consumption of the Mediterranean diet might help reduce stress levels

Stress can be caused due to daily stressors, major life events like loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, etc. Stress can have mental as well as physical effects too. Mediterranean diet has long...

Foods that help reduce your acidity/reflux issues

Acidity is characterized by heartburn especially below the chest. Certain lifestyle habits like skipping meals, long hours without eating, lack of physical activity, stress and consumption of junk foods are most common triggers for...
Red sandalwood

Advantages of Red sandalwood and how beneficial it can be for you

Red sandalwood also going by its name Pterocarpus santalinus or Raktachandan, grows in the southern-eastern ghats mountain range of South India. Other names by which red sandalwood goes are Ruby wood, Red saunders, Red...

3 Vitamins required for your improved lungs health

Our lungs go through a lot! Pollution, lifestyle habits like smoking, respiratory diseases like bronchitis, asthma, and recently Covid-19 all have an effect on our lungs. Certain nutrients and Vitamin play a protective role...
Muscle cramps

How to deal with those pesky muscle cramps?

Muscle cramps typically occur after engaging in a strenuous exercise. Other reasons can be a deficiency of certain nutrients like magnesium or potassium in your diet or diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. Sitting in...

Know more about GABA: A peace-loving neurotransmitter

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid shortened as GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter present in the brain. GABA slows down the brain and provides a calming effect on the body. It is called an inhibitory neurotransmitter...

What is Creatine and its role in our body?

Creatine is an amino acid present mostly in our muscles and brain. It can be also obtained through foods like meat, fish and other seafoods. It is also produced in liver, kidneys and pancreas....

Allergies found in mothers can pass onto offsprings

A study conducted at Duke-NUS Medical School found that the allergens in the mother can cross over the placenta to the baby. This can be the reason why some infants exhibit allergic symptoms so...
Benefits of mustard seeds

9 Benefits of mustard seeds you never knew

Mustard seeds also called Rai or Sarso are almost used in all of our dishes. It is available in brown, black, and white varieties. Ever wondered though what are the beneficial effects of this...

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