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Love Ok Please

Love OK please – MX Original series trailer out featuring Karan Wahi as its host which will be streaming from March 25th exclusively on MX Player originals.


Talking about the trailer, “Love OK Please”, it is about a conceptual story about when you are going on a solitary trip and feel like having someone as a better partner beside you while you travel. Actually, it’s easy to find one as a partner or a right soul mate while you travel on a trip. But this story turned out to be even crazy and more gratified, taken from a different angle. It’s a vivid road trip across the scenic outskirts of Himachal Pradesh on a pursuit of love and finding a right travel partner.


All About Love Ok Please Web Series

This show and a reality series is a complete package of 12 episodes. This reality epic show releases on 25th March 2019 on MX Player, it’s completely an original series of MX Player. You can watch all the 6 episodes which go live streaming on the above-mentioned date. And the rest 6 episodes were to be streaming on 1st April 2019.

Love Ok Please Trailer Review

Coming to the known face “Karan Wahi” known for featuring films like Hate story 4 (2018), starred in most popular youth show Dill Mill Gayee” etc. is being the host for this Love OK Please web series. It’s all about finding the right person “Who will become who’s the partner, who will choose whom” and some adventurous nights in the journey of travel is all shown in the series. This concept is divergent and trending, where we have seen reality shows, partners are already allotted to each other. But here is the twist, partners here are not allotted but were asked to find and settle with a right partner and fall in love in the long travel journey/trip. Traveling one way widens our mind in many ways, it creates a spark within a person, chances of meeting new cultures, new challenges, new people. Wooo!! Everything might feel like eccentric to look, but yeah, it’s so crazy fun to have such exploration at least in a lifetime. “Strangers whom you meet might become new friends or maybe new partners”, maybe finding the right soul.


What happens when 4 boys and 4 girls who are same travel enthusiasts, having a characteristic “ready to mingle”, and the latest entrant of OTT ecosystem? It’s completely a 10-day trip, shot in Himachal Pradesh. The contestants along with Karan started their way to Dharamsala before their way to Palampur, Kullu, and Manali. Each one meets a different task and with a unique level of complexity and traditions.  Though it can be Paragliding at Bir Billing, trying their hand in Nati dance exploring the place with few drinks and enjoying all kinds of interests or understanding each other during their task at Van Vihar in Manali etc. The contestants are all tested based on how strong is their chemistry by giving and posing impenetrable situations to find out the right cheer partner. Karan Wahi who being as a host and a mentor for this reality show, issues new challenges testing them on every step and rewarding based on their dating experiences.

Have you been to any such traveling trips or experienced your way of meeting any new person and being friends still now? Will these kinds of concepts in love add twists and tests your love? Let’s see how 8 strangers travel and find the right partner, facing all challenges.

Credit – Krishna Prasad

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