What are the benefits of health insurance policy in India?

Benefits Of The Health Insurance Policy

Your health is the best gift that you have got in your life. It’s your duty to keep it safe, healthy, hygienic, fit and fine. But, we hardly do that in real. We have a vague idea or less knowledge about the extremely helpful health insurance policies that are available around us. We often assume that these policies are not that beneficial, covering only the hospitalization charges up to a very small extent, nothing more than that. But, this is not true! You will be amazed to know about the facilities and benefits health insurance offers and will definitely opt for one for you and your family. There are many famous and reliable government and private health insurance companies in India which provide stunning features that are extremely helpful for the citizens. Let us have a quick glance at the benefits.

  • Hospitalization Expenses(pre & post):

The health insurance policies cover most of the pre & post treatment hospitalization expenses including the room rent, medicinal costs, surgery cost, etc. It covers each and everything.

  • Transportation charges:

The transportation cost such as ambulance and all charges will be covered by the insurance company.

  • Cashless treatment:

One of the biggest benefits of the health insurance policy is you no need to spend a single rupee during the treatment, all will be taken care of by the insurer from the beginning of the process.

  • Free medical check-ups:

Many modern insurers offer free medical check-ups to the policyholder for several times to maintain good health.

  • Tax Benefits: section 80D & 80DDof the Income Tax Act,1961:

The monthly premiums paid by the policyholder is completely deductible from the income tax. So, it’s like we are availing these facilities almost for free!

  • No claim bonus:

If a policyholder has not claimed anything in last year or last few years, he/she will get a bonus by the insurer.

  • Alternative treatment:

Some insurance company also covers alternative treatment facilities to the policyholder such as homeopathy, Ayurveda or herbal treatment, etc.

  • Domiciliary treatment:

There are schemes which also gives the facility to the policyholder to have the treatment at the convenience of home or any other place instead of the hospital and the charges of that will be beared by the insurer as well.

  • Organ transplantation:

An organ transplantation cost along with the pre & post surgery expenses of the organ donor can also be taken care of by the insurer. Isn’t it amazing! Yes, even this kind of facilities is also provided by the insurance company.

  • Accidental coverage:

Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any moment. We may get badly injured, somebody parts can get damaged. It’s true that nothing can replace the loss or the suffering that one bears. But, at least the end-to-end treatment expenses will be beared by the insurer and one will get the best treatment when it is required.

If you are a professional, working in some company, no need to worry, your company will arrange health insurance for you and your family. But, if you are a business person or self-employed then, you must go for health insurance, avail the benefits of the health insurance policy and enjoy healthy living, forever.

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