ImMature Mx Player Web Series Release date, Review, Cast, Story

ImMature Mx Player Web Series

MX Player has decided to bring fun; drama and internet then went in the view of life for free. That is why it is bringing several amazing online web series streaming for free.  Recently it has released a great story titled as ImMature. ImMature Mx Player web series is going to showcase the life of students who want to grow up as early as they can.  While watching the web series the users will definitely feel connected to the story. Additionally, ImMature is the first ever Indian Web Series which was a part of Cannes International Series Festival last year, even before releasing!


ImMature Web Series Story and Review

You must have heard that after growing old you will miss the school days. And not only school you will definitely miss your school friends also. School friends are not only friends they are family, buddies and many more to everyone. The storyline of immature also revolves around the school life of friends.  In ImMature MX Player Web Series, the incidents of childhood school life like fights in recess time for Crush and convincing your parents for gifts and Gadgets and Bike and several others are displayed.

Papa Ke pass Game khelne ke liye Computer Mangoge toh nahi milega But Science Project ke liye Computer Mangoge toh Jatt se mil Jayega”. Around these and several other incidents, the storyline of ImMature Mx player web series is revolving.  Here we will not disclose each and every incident and dramatic part included in the web series because we don’t want you to miss the excitement of watching ImMature MX Player Web Series.

ImMature Mx Player Web Series Cast

ImMature web series cast


The cast of ImMature MX Player web series includes the following characters:

  • Rashmi Agdekar as Chaavi,
  • Omkar Kulkarni as Dhruv,
  • Chinmay Chandranshuh as Kabir and
  • Visshesh Tiwari as Susu

Along with the child actors, the following senior actors are also featured in this amazing image your MX player web series:

  • Jitendra Kumar,
  • Badri Chavan,
  • Nidhi Singh,
  • Gopal Datt,
  • Biswapati Sarkar,
  • Nidhi Bisht and
  • Sameer Saxena


ImMature Web Series Release Date

The ImMature web series of MX player has already been released. Viewers can visit the MX Player official website or can also download the MX Player application to watch this beautiful creation.

Watch ImMature Web Series Now

ImMature Mx Player Web Series Trailer

So this was all about the MX Player ImMature web series.  Are you excited to watch this beautiful creation of MX Player?  Please share your expectations with us. If you have already watched the web series then share your experience and let us know how much you have loved the characters and the storyline of the series. For more updates stay connected. 


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