Follow these tips for freshness in your eyes

It is natural to have eye fatigue due to continuous work on computer and mobile. Due to which the eyes become more sensitive to light. Simultaneously, there is heaviness and pain in the head. These measures will definitely work to avoid these.


Follow these home remedies, which will help in refreshing the eyes :-

Splashing water in your eyes

Fill the mouth with water then splash water in your eyes, by doing this activity two to three times a day, the eyes feel refreshed. Also, there is immediate relief from burning and pain in the eyes.

Mix cold water with rose water

Take cold water in a bowl. Now mix one teaspoon of rose water in it. Take a clean cotton light colored cloth, soak it in rose water and leave it on both eyes for five minutes. Doing this activity two to three times a day gives a lot of relief to the eyes.


Basil and mint leaves water

Take basil and some mint leaves and soak them in a bowl overnight. Soak a cotton cloth in this water in the morning and keep it on both eyes. By doing this, the eyes will remain fresh throughout the day. Also you will be able to work on the screen comfortably.

These small home remedies help to relieve eye fatigue. Also, the face also looks fresh.

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