5 on-screen couples that are setting major relationship goals

There’s no denying the on-screen chemistry between couples can either make or break a show. And in some cases, the sizzling chemistry is so good, it leaves us spell-bound, living vicariously through their beautiful relationships. Throughout the lockdown, while there were plenty of jokes cracked about couples that were driving each other up the wall, we found our happily ever after on the web. Defined by qualities of mutual understanding, great compatibility, and being fun-loving, these on-screen couples have set goals and raised the bar when it comes to relationship goals. Here are our top 5 couples that we can’t get enough of: 


1.  Sanya and Shaurya in Please Find Attached Season 1 & 2- Sanya and Shaurya are the perfect depictions of a modern couple, finding their way together amidst balancing their personal and professional lives. Our obsession with them began in season 1, when we saw the two, who are also colleagues moving in together, and slowly give in to their growing attraction towards each other. In season 2 of Please Find Attached, watching the two align their different professional goals with each other and their lives is nothing short of a dramatic experience. At the same time, through Sanya and Shaurya’s ups and downs, we see what it takes to make a relationship work today, with learnings we can incorporate in our work, and in our relationships. 

2. Tanya and Mikesh in Permanent Roommates – We fell in love with Tanya and Mikesh, as we watched their lives and decisions whether to take their relationship to the next level or not played out in front of us. From being in a long-distance relationship, and then moving in together, and mulling over getting married, their story is relatable, aspirational, and above all, entertaining.  

3. Dhruv and Kavya in Little Things- Arguably one of the most iconic couples on the web. Watching Dhruv and Kavya figure out life, love, and everything in between together is entertaining, to say the least. It’s refreshing to see how the two go out of their way to brighten up each other’s days and put aside their differences to find a middle ground, to make the ‘little things’ truly count. 


4. Sara and Sapan Kohli in Mrs. & Mr. Kohli – What’s not to love about this Punjabi couple that is smashing gender biases, one stereotype at a time. Mrs. Kohli goes to work, while Mr. Kohli stays at home, much to the amusement of those they interact with. We also love seeing their ‘Punjabiness’ in all its glory, as they bicker over Butter Chicken and Paneer while navigating the everyday shenanigans that their role reversed lives throw at them. 

5. Jeetu and Saumya in Pitchers – Right from season 1, we’ve loved watching how supportive Saumya is of Jeetu, as he follows his passions. Being the only married guy among his peers, Jeet shows us how different even making the smallest of decisions can be, and how to navigate tough times. 

If you have missed watching any of these shows, now is a good time to sit back and binge.

Himani Verma

Himani Verma is a person with a positive mindset and optimistic in nature. She loves to talk and write about Bollywood Gossips including actors and movies as well.

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