All Health Benefits of Wondrous Medicinal Plants – Indian Pennywort

Pennywort is a flowering, medicinal plant in the Apiaceae family. This plant is native to the wetlands of Asia and is used as a medicinal herb and as a culinary herb. A Chinese-legend says that a tai chi master named Li Qingyun lived 256 years (controversy exists) because he regularly used Pennywort. In Chinese medicine, pennywort is known as the “source of life” because it protects longevity. Drinking Pennywort juice is a huge relief for summer days as it has cooling functions.


Usable part:

Whole pennywort plant is edible. Leaf, stem and root.

Health Benefits of Pennywort:

Although this ancient and time-honoured fresh plant has an odour and tastes very bitter when crushed, some incredible health benefits of this medicinal plant are as follows:

  1. It improves microcirculation in arteries and veins, shelters the inner armor of arteries, and increases the elasticity of veins.
  2. Just as pennywort relieves swell and improves blood circulation, it also proves to be a great aid in eliminating complicated diseases related to vein such as varicose and varicose.
  3. Prolonged use of Pennywort lowers blood cholesterol and softens the arteries, reducing the risk of obesity and atherosclerosis.
  4. Pennywort is a great cure for dysmenorrhea and in addition, its cleansing function helps women stay young, get healthy smooth skin, have good blood circulation, and fight various diseases.
  5. The role of It is extremely important in reducing stress, the ability to increase concentration and improve memory in the elderly. It extract is thought to work magic for Alzheimer’s patients by protecting neural cells. It helps with dementia and visual impairment.

Important Risks:

  1. Prolonged use of pennywort may reduce the chances of conception. 
  2. It should be intake with caution by people with a weak digestive system who usually feel lumped or have diarrhoea.

Even where there is a limit to God’s bestow, the limitation of the benefits of these small wonder plants is very normal. Excessive intake of Pennywort can be harmful to health. An excessive amount of Pennywort juice can cause dizziness and even bleeding. Herbal remedies of any kind are not a substitute for any doctor-approved treatment. So take it in moderation.


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