Bigg Boss 14: Luxury Budget Task between Angels and Demons, Bad sides will reveal gradually

After a group of quarrelsome sequences, Bigg Boss’s house got their new captain as Jasmin Bhasin. She won the task for 5th week captaincy of Bigg Boss 14. From the beginning of this season, audience is changing their view about BB house people in different weeks. Now they will grab their chair more because another wild card entry already shows it’s feathers. It is Aly Goni, who joined on November 4.


Aly’s entry points out that their may happen another couple chemistry in BB house. Jasmin Bhasin’s best friend and companion is Aly and he is heard to say that, After Jasmin’s mental breakdown Aly had to come to save her in this BB world.

But on the other hand the second day of Aly went not very good with his bestie Jasmin. According to the promo today’s episode is going to have a luxury budget task, where Aly is seen to be shouting at Jasmin for avoiding him and giving importance to Rubina Dailik.

The whole house will be divided into Angels and Demons. The Demons will going to show their bad sides. As a captain Jasmin will seen as Sanchaalak. On that promo Nikki Tamboli was seen becoming furious with Rubina, provoking her to reap her soft toy with forks. She blames Rubina for not doing the task properly. Then Eijaz khan became more aggressive and told Jasmin that she is acting biased for her friendship with Rubina.


On the other hand Aly was above the transparent door asking for Jasmin but she was then enjoying Rubina’s performance. After a long time avoidance Aly shouted, “Jasmin I am calling you and you are ignoring me. Awaaz nahi aa rahi toh todd du kya isko? Mei kabse cheekh raha hu, mei kabse bol raha hu. Tu apna bolke hase jaa rahi hei.” 

After that Jasmin also apologized for being careless and told Aly that she was talking with Eijaz about the task. Eijaz is also seen talking with Jaan Kumar Sanu to put his hand inside the lavatory and touch the water but if he tries to spill it to Eijaz then Eijaz would ask Jaan to lick it. Jaan became very upset through this. Today’s episode will be going to be much more interesting than the previous one.

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