Depression: A critical mood disorder with its cause and treatment

Depression: A critical mood disorder


I will be stronger than my sadness.__Warga

A mood disorder that causes feelings of inadequacy and loss of interest. This depressive disorder (or clinical depression) can affect feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and even a sense of well-being. This upset state can cause a variety of touchy and bodily problems. Depression with a group of conditions associated with a rise or fall in a person’s mood. Although episodic depression is natural in human life, which is noticeable in certain cases such as loss of loved ones or financial stress. In addition, the side effects of medications used for other treatments can trigger symptoms of depression.


Anhedonia is said to be the main symptom of depression, which refers to a loss of interest or feeling in certain activities that make people happy. It is behavioural to characterize endless feelings of sadness or loss of interest as symptoms of depression. Also, notable changes in sleep, appetite, energy levels, concentration, daily behaviour or self-esteem are included in the list of symptoms. 


Here are some that can be helpful. Significant changes in mood, such as anxiety, apathy, dissatisfaction, guilt, frustration, loss of interest. Symptoms such as excessive crying, boredom, restlessness, or social isolation are considered behavioural changes. Excessive sleep, insomnia or restless sleep is another symptom. Weight gain or weight loss are also considered. Also, depression can be associated with suicidal thoughts. All of these symptoms can vary with age, gender inequality. From men to women, from children to the elderly, from teenagers to office workers, these symptoms of depression vary according to the underlying cause.

Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer.__Dorothy Rowe


The exact causes behind depression still not clear to the medical community. There are many possible causes and sometimes, different causes combine to trigger symptoms. These can range from biological to situational. Some known causes are as follows:

  1. Brain structure: The less active the front of the brain, the greater the risk of depression. However, scientists aren’t clear of the fact if this occurs before or after the onset of depressive symptoms.
  2. Medical Treatment: Some medical conditions can bring the risk of depression, such as insomnia, chronic illness, pain or ADHD(short for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder).
  3. Genetic History: If the family tree has any trace of mood disorder then, that person may develop depression. (Which is a common cause of older’s depression)
  4. Trauma: Human body is very sensitive to fear or stressful facts. And thus can trigger the body to react causing depression.
  5. Phycological and social cause: These are a very common cause of daily frustration. But if being excessive can extend to have depressive symptoms.+

As for additional causes, like the previously mentioned exact cause of depressive symptoms are not clear. But many other mood disorder also bipolar disorder can trigger depression.


Depression is treatable. Aerobic exercise increases endorphin levels and stimulates the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which is associated with mood and can help get rid of mild depression. Antidepressants prescribed by physicians are very helpful in reducing depressive symptoms but mainly, support and psychotherapy are needed to manage depression. A patient must have family associates to discuss the solutions to their practical problems. In the case of psychotherapy (also known as talking therapy), one-on-one counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are likewise dependable. 

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