Alt Balaji and Zee5 club series ‘Dark 7 White’ teaser is streaming now

Throughout the year Zee5 and Alt balaji gave their audience together or separately some very good stuff like original films or series. Dark 7 White is coming as another name of their victory. It is about a political crime thriller. They launched their teaser in YouTube and Instagram, captioning it, “Politics mein accidents nahi assassinations hote hai! • 7 suspects one high-profile murder and a mystery that will go down in history – Who the fu*k killed Yudi?” From that it’s aggression can be messured.



Director Sattwik Mohanty who is known for ‘Ranchi Dairies’ , ‘ Meeruthiya Gangsters’, ‘My Friend Pinto’ is now going to bring a good catch through Dark 7 White.


It is a gripping Political-Youth Thriller about seven friends having high profile jobs with the story shedding light on how their situation wasn’t the same back in their college days. What adds to the intrigue is the story of one of these seven characters who use the other six for his advantage. Is Yudhveer one of them? And this story revolves around the murder of the new CM, Yudhveer Singh. ACP Abhimanyu, brings seven people under suspicion. He will reveal the dark secrets of that seven people including Yudhveer. This character adds an extra masala in this thrilled plot.

Cast, Role descriptions, and Date

Here Sumeet Vyas is in the lead role. Yudhveer Singh, one born of royal blood, who is ambitious and confident to the very core. Having political ambitions and a man hungry for power, one shall get to see the many layers to this character as Yudhveer ends up getting nominated by his party as the next CM candidate.


Sacred Games highlight ‘ Bunty’, Jatin Sarna is going to play the role of ACP. He said about his role, “It’s a layered character that excites me the most. The best part is that viewers will get to see a very different Jatin Sarna on screen through this series.”

Including them, Nidhi Singh, Monica Chaudhary, Taniya Kalra, Kunj Anand, Rachit Bahl, Sumit Singh, Shekhar Choudhary, Madhurima Roy, Sanjay Batra, and Snehil Dixit Mehra are also in pivotal roles in this series.

It will streaming on November 24, 2020 on both Zee5 and Alt Balaji platforms.

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