Netflix’s New Documentary ‘ Rooting For Roona’: About Trailer, story, plot

The biggest OTT platform Netflix already has presented many of the brilliant documentaries on Crime, Animal Creatures, and history throughout the world’s industry. But on October 8, Netflix released a documentary on Child Health care and incurable diseases. A series ‘ Rooting for Roona’ will be released on October 15. It is directed by Pavitra Chalam and Akshay Shankar and produced by Curley Street Films.


Story of Roona

This girl Roona Begum was born at the Northeastern part of india with hydrocephalus, Which further caused a ‘giant brain’.

According to the doctors, her hydrocephalus caused the cerebrospinal fluid secretion, which clogged and made the brain swollen.
After all the efforts She died in 2017, at the age of 5 because of not getting a remedial surgery. Her mother is heard to be saying
“No Parent should have to go through, what I went through with my child”.

Plot of the documentary

Documentary Films are the bunch of clips which connects us to reality. It is the best way to relate with someone or something without any casting or scripting. Roona belonged to a poor bengali Mother and Father, Fatima and Abdul. They were wage earners in the small town of Tripura.


After her born, the neighbors and other family members told her parents that she was a deformed child and she should be put on an orphanage. But her parents stood against it and fight for her last piece of soul. They consulted many doctors but lacking the wealth caused them more pain. At last, when Media put her story on limelight she was helped by a Norwegian NGO and the Royal Family of Tripura. She passed through many complicated and long-lead surgeries by good doctors. At last, she couldn’t make it.

Her story ended with a tragedy but it can be as well as inspiring for saving other poor and infected children. By giving the children good hygiene we can make a better India privileged by consciousness.

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