Rubina single-handedly prevailed over the three toofani seniors: Bigg Boss 14

Recently, Eijaz Khan and Tofani Senior Siddharth Shukla were got into the huge argument, after this fresher contestant Rubina Dilaik has turned up against the three seniors over the luxury items.


As per the rules, only 7 essentials can be given to the contestants from the BB mall in-charge of Hina Khan.
In view of all this, you can see in the promo, Rubina Dilaik is arguing that if the pair of shoes is one item then the Salwar Kameez should also be one item, in which Hina Khan does not agree and gets annoyed, she said Rubina will get only one shoe.
Gauhar and Siddharth also support Hina and try to explain things to Rubina, but Rubina does not want to hear them.
Rubina takes her to stand against the toofani seniors without giving up, Rubina says that Hina is very unfair and there is no logic in Seniors, just chatter all the time.

Lets see this argument goes till where, it will be seen in today’s episode.
Meanwhile, fans are seen favoring Rubina.


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