“Stretching your body and mind is essential to avoid rigidity.”


Haresh Sippy

3 BEST MUSCLE STRETCHES: In Yoga there are various stretching exercises that intentionally flexes or stretches a particular muscle or trunk to improve the perceived elasticity of the muscles and to achieve a relaxed muscle tone. The result is a concept of muscle control, flexibility and range of motion. Regular and fixed timely practices of stretching is wonderful habit to keep yourself healthy. There a wonderful line Millar states that :

“Stretching or flexibility should be a part of a regular program,”



Stretches can be done anytime. Be it before you wake up or before bed. Or it may be before you go to exercise or work.


Here are 3 BEST MUSCLE STRETCHES exercises follows :

Warriors pose

It’s actually a form of yoga termed as ‘Virabhadrasana’. This pose is a stable yoga posture that helps create focus, strength and stability. This facial pose stretches to the front of the body and is great for creating strength in the legs, core and back.


To do warrior pose, first stand wwith both legs together. Then move backwards with your right foot to your right. Try to bend your butt so that your front knee goes straight over your left leg, bending about 90-degrees. And rotate your upper body so that your hips and shoulders are straight forward. You can then try to spread your legs slightly from each other as much as you can. Now gently raise your hand above your head and deepen the extension a little with each breath. Now breathe in and straighten your legs to get relief from the posture.

But apart from these, there are many more modifications for warrior pose. Picture follows.

Warriors pose
Warriors pose

Cobra pose

In yoga terms, it is known as Bhujangasana. This cobra pose is a backband, it stretches from the chest and lungs to the shoulders and lower abdomen. It opens the heart and lungs and can help you breathe more freely.

Warriors pose
Cobra Pose

Lie on your stomach then place your hands on the floor just behind the shoulders. Slowly lift your navel and start pulling your hands against ground. Lift your chest up and up, straighten your arms as much as possible without straining your back. For newcomers such as straightening arm all the way can be tough. Try to work with your breathing to get deeper. Extend the breath as you press your hands, straighten your arms slightly and lift your chest. As soon as you exhale, straighten your legs and feet and reach behind your tailbone. Take another full breath and stick your tongue out as you exhale and flutter your breath towards the sky! Roll gently and take a breath in your stomach, then press back to lie on your tummy.

Wheel pose

This posture has added seats as a chakrasana or Urdhva Dhanurasana. It is a backband and the first texture of the finishing sequence in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. It gives great flexibility to the spine. It also presents in acrobatics and gymnastics. There this body position is called the bridge.

Wheel pose

This pose is quite tough. But after achieving it you can feel a ease on your body. So must give it a try.
For first, lie on your back. Then bend your knees and bring foot inward so they’re touching your bump. Keep your feet flat on the ground. In next, bend your elbows and bring your hands up beside your ears. Then place your palms flat on the ground with your fingers facing your toes. Now try to push yourself up ( you have to put pressure on your legs to keep your body up). As your body comes off the ground, round your back so that your body forms a semi-circle. Straighten your elbows without locking them, and keep your knees slightly bent. And focus your glaze in between your hands. Now keep yourself relax in this position. Now, before letting yourself down first keep your botton on ground first.

Even in your most busiest schedule atleast try these yoga stretches. Your body will be more relaxed and muscle will be much flexible.

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