Ziva Dhoni getting rape threats at such a young age!!

Leave China and Pakistan, there are some antisocial elements in our society itself who are giving rape threats to a 4-year-old girl just because Chennai Super Kings didn’t perform well in yesterday’s match. These people have made social media platforms as their main source to spread hatred and pass disrespectful remarks to CSK players especially Dhoni and Kedhar Jadhav. These people think they lost yesterday’s match only because Dhoni and Kedhar Jadhav didn’t score many runs. How can someone sleep peacefully at night when there are such people who are targetting a little girl Ziva Dhoni and openly giving her rape threats because of just an Ipl match.


Cricket is a team game, sometimes you lose sometimes you win. Losing a game doesn’t give license to such antisocial people to pass derogatory comments and rape threats on a little girl Ziva Dhoni who has nothing to do with the cricket.  They didn’t stop there, they even called Kedhar Jadhav a dog. Calling out someone is pretty easy but try to be in their shoes for once, you will understand how difficult it is to fulfil everyone’s expectations all the time. Let us stand with these cricketers as we should know how good they are. They have made our country proud by winning numerous times against various teams.

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