Hostel daze Streaming Date, Cast, Storyline

Hostel Daze, Brought to you by Amazon Prime and TVF (The Viral Fever). A story of ever sizzling Engineering Hostel Life. A real picture of Engineering Hostel’s life is just captured perfectly as we can see in a promo. It is going to a fun and fantastic ride just like the Kota factory. It is one of the must-watch popular Indian web series in December 2019


The story is around the college life of 4 friends and what they are going through while staying in a hostel.

It is a fun ride created by Saurabh Khanna, Raghav Subbu, and Sameer Saxena.  You will miss your hostel days definitely by watching this web series. Hostel daze is an adult comedy-drama series meant to remember you the lifestyle you were into while college. For those, who are in college right now are going to enjoy this hilarious web series for sure. 

Hostel daze’s streaming date is 13 December 2019. This web series is going to be on air from amazon prime instead of TVF’s usual mode. Hostel daze TVF is an engineering hostel life story that we can assume from the promo released recently. It is going to be a realistic story of hostel life that a person can easily relate to. The Hostel daze cast is Nikhil Vijay as “Jhantoo” aka Jatin, Shubham Gaur as “Bhasins Buddhi” aka Rupesh Bhati, Adarsh Gaurav as  “Dopa” aka Ankit Pandey, Luv as “Genius” aka Chirag Bansal. All the characters are wingmates and having there special characteristics that have a bunch of entertaining moments in themselves. 


The storyline of Hostel daze moves around the life of these naughty kids trying to understand their way of living in the college. The Guru Gyan of “Jhantoo” is an eye-opener for the rest of the wingmates. It is an interesting story of how students, would be Engineers to survive and thrive in hostel life.  There are some matters that they are willing to know, have the fun of life that is offered by the hostel life is beautifully picturized in Hostel daze. It is going to be a thrill pill for all those who are preparing to start their hostel life.

When four boys start their college life journey together in their first semester it has a lot to offer to them and carve their identity from the journey.

An official statement of Amazon Prime for Hostel Daze it states,” Hostel Daze depicts the life of students living, or we should say surviving, in a hostel, through the adventures of four wing-mates — Ankit, Chirag, Bhati, and Jhaatu. As they embark on this journey, facing a variety of challenges and overcoming most of them through new learnings; they develop strong bonds that they shall cherish forever. While navigating through this new phase in life and feelings of vulnerability and nervous excitement that surround the four boys, they find their true identities. In the process, they create a home away from their homes with their own set of random rules. They argue, jostle, hustle but sometimes unite to survive the first semester”.

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