MasterChef India Season 6 Contestants, Start Date, Judges

MasterChef India Season 6:  A premier on 7th December 2019


MasterChef is India’s most loved cookery show presenting cooking passionate chefs. The cooking reality show has its own charm in food lovers. MasterChef India season 6  is very popular for its set, delivery style, and various cuisines. Star plus presenting Master chef India season 6 with exceptional food presentation style. It encourages people loving cooking and very passionate about pursuing a carrier in this area. We can enjoy Master Chef India season 6 after 2 years, with outstanding come back. It is a curated version of British Television show MasterChef. It attracts all the cooking conscious contestants from all over India.

Start Date

MasterChef India season 6 start date is 7th December 2019.  the show will be aired on Star Plus and Hotstar from 7th December on Saturday and Sunday.

MasterChef India 2019 Judges

The Show judges are Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar, and Vinit Bhatia for season 6. Akshay Kumar, Kunal Kapoor, and Sanjeev Kapur are the previous Judges of Masterchef India. 


Some of the winners of previous seasons are Kirti Bahutika, Shipra Khanna, and Pankaj Bhaudouria.  

For Masterchef India season 6 auditions were held in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata. The age limit for the audition was a minimum of 18 years to a maximum of 75 years. You need to have “Cooking Kida” in you to present your skills on this stage.

30 contestants were finalized after the audition to participate in MasterChef India season 6. After that only 15 Contestants selected for the main competition check the Masterchef India 2019 top 15 contestants list.

It is a big platform for all those who want their cooking art to be celebrated in India. The lucky winner has the chance to publish his/her own cookbook and cash price worth  10,00,000 rupees. Indeed Masterchef India 6 has the potential to rise cooking passionate people and let them believe that their art is worth praising. 

In this show, we can feel their emotions in the dishes they make. A truly artistic and patient contestant has chances to win. 

This time the wall of spices is the main attraction fo the show. It is going to be very exciting to perform all the contestants to give their best. It is made by all the spices famous from all over India to prove that Indian authentic cuisine is very influenced by Indian spices.

When the show starts, the dishes made by contestants are interesting to see. We can connect ourselves with their journey. When it comes to the jury, it gives informative knowledge regarding cooking methods and some small tips that are so much important for taste, appearance, and aroma.

The kitchen of MasterChef India Season 6 has an eye-catching presentation on its own. It is designed in a way to fulfill all the needs of contestants while performing and giving their best. It is well organized and structured that gives exciting vibes to the chefs to be.

Regional Indian Food theme is going to be the most surprising element of MasterChef India 6.


Broadcasting Details

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Overall the game is going to be spiced up this time. So, please watch and comment below what you think about the show.

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