Masterchef India 2019 Top 15 contestants name, age, and hometown

Masterchef India 2019, season 6 is all set after the auditions and selection of top 15 contestants for a cooking battle. The popular cooking reality show will show delicious dishes cooked by aspiring chefs, struggling to wear the crown of Masterchef India 2019. 


Judged by Vikas Khanna,  Ranveer Brar, and Vineet Singh Masterchef India 2019 is going to be the most successful season of Masterchef on Indian television.

Masterchef India 2019 has a beautiful set and all equipped with ultra-modern facilities require for cooking. It has all the things that a chef needs in his/her kitchen starting from utensils to electronic appliances. It is a delicious battel that provides equal opportunities to the cooking aspirants. Though it is an inspired version of foreigner show, it has lit dreams for all those who want to pursue cooking as a passion-driven profession. 

From 30 contestants only 15 contestants were selected for the main competition.


Here we get the deep insights of Masterchef India 2019 contestants name, age, and hometown.

Masterchef India 2019 Contestants List Top 15

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All these participants are ready to rock the cooking battle by their delicious dishes from different cuisines. This time, Masterchef India 2019 is going to have a theme of regional dishes from all over India.  

These powerful contestants have passed two rounds named as “Flavourful Auditions” and “Chances and Second Chances”. This time it is going to be the tougher competition amongst all these contestants. They are ready with all their equipment and mouth-watering cooking skills to fight the battle of cooking from the stage of the popular cooking reality show, Masterchef India 2019.

We have witnessed many versatile personalities as a winner of previous seasons of Masterchef. It is a platform that provides the common man with a stage for a performance of their cooking skill. The main aim of Masterchef is to make people believe in their own cooking style and let them choose their carrier in the most prominent field of hospitality. So, if we can think it in a broader sense then, Masterchef is a reality show that works on “Atithi Devo Bhava”, one of the sutras that presents our ancient Indian cultural heritage.

Let’s see the upcoming episodes of Masterchef India 2019 to check out the abilities of contestants and their luck.

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