Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 For Diwali Celebration

Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 For Diwali Celebration

Latest Rangoli Designs 2018: Diwali is the festival of light. Everyone is busy decorating their homes but Deepawali is incomplete by Rangoli. On this occasion, to decorate the house traditionally, Rangoli may be a better option. Rangoli gives positive feedback while entering the house and also it is Also, it brings good fortune to home.


Making Rangoli is very auspicious in the house. it is faith that Goddess Lakshmi is happy with making Rangoli. Rangoli is always being a symbol of culture.

Latest Rangoli Designs 2018


There are two primary ways to make rangoli, dry and wet, which reflect the content of Rangoli and the material used in the filling color. Chalk, sand, paint, and flour are used to mark the center point of the rangoli. ”Readymade rangoli” patterns often as sticker and stencils are becoming common making it easier for detailed or precise design.


Once the framework is complete, the artist can highlight it with paint again using wet and dry elements such as paint, colorful sand, gypsum powered. Artists can also use unprotected substances such as seeds, flower petals, spices, leaves to achieve lifelong colors. Shapes, designs, and materials represent religion tradition. Modern materials such as crayon, color, acrylic paints, and artificial color agents are also becoming common, which allow bright and vibrant color options.

Here we have few hand-picked LATEST RANGOLI DESIGNS 2018 for you.where you can see some geometric, flower and peacock design for upcoming Diwali festivals.

Here we have mentioned some best Diwali wishes quotes Hindi and English


Latest Rangoli Designs 2018Latest Rangoli Designs 2018Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 Latest Rangoli Designs 2018 Latest Rangoli Designs 2018


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