Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan bursted into tears in front of Shardul Pandit while talking about Jasmin Bhasin

As the days are passing by BB house is getting more overwhelming for the audience and contestants as well. Jasmin Bhasin won the captaincy and became 5th week’s Captain after Eizaj Khan. From the beginning of the show many of the contestants were seen to be very emotional, mental breakdown is not rare in Bigg Boss house.
On the latest episode Eizaj became very emotional and cried in front of Shardul Pandit.


On the latest episode their had been a game as nomination task for the participants of  in the red zone had to choose their representatives from the green zone. Rubina Dailik picked her husband, Abhinav Shukla , Naina Singh chose Nikki Tambolo  and Shardul Pandit named Pavitra Puniya to be their representations for the task. When the game play was going on Eijaz told Shardul that Pavitra was doing her best for saving Shardul from nominations. But atlast Abhinav won and Rubina and Abhinav was seen to celebrate their Karwa Chauth together.

Eizaj when was the captain, he was also seen to speak with Shardul about their lack of wealth and struggling career. Last episode, at night Eijaz again reached Shardul for sharing his personal experiences. He told Shardul about the carelessness of Jasmin after being the Captain. She had mental breakdown, she became puppet, played dumb and now this level of avoidance. He said that, he always feels bad about the fact that everyone is talking behind his back and even called him crazy about the tasks and captaincy. He also said that, if someone is not dedicated for captaincy then they should not take the responsibility either. He was also heard to say that he reminded Jasmin three times about the key of Red Zone, because it was her responsibility to take care of the three people in Red Zone. In spite of this Jasmin called him ‘paagal’.

Eijaz told Shardul that this place is making him crazy. He said that “They gang up on me and say that I go crazy in tasks. These people don’t know how to play in tasks. My family will be hurt to me like this. I am afraid that these people will make me go crazy. I need to go from here.”


Shardul tried to explain that Jasmin is just like a kid but stopping him Eijaz said, she is 30 and been through many shows. No one is a kid here. He also opened up and said, “That day I shouted at Pavitra. But I didn’t do anything wrong, she had instigated me. Everyone makes fun of me. I shouldn’t have opened up.” He bursted into tears after that. After all this, it is too be seen who stays strong and play the game more strongly from both mental and physical perspective.

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