Happy Halloween !!! Read how this festive set-out

“There Is Magic in the Night When Pumpkins Glow by Moonlight” – quote from Novelty. 


Happy Halloween !! Although India does not celebrate it widely, many countries around the world spend October 31st as a public holiday and the cause of Halloween. It originated from ancient festivals and religious ceremonies and still, Halloween is celebrated annually on 31 October in several countries around the world, one of the oldest holidays in the world. 

Origin and the story behind : 

Halloween is said to have been marked on October 31 as the Celts (who lived about 2,000 years ago, most of the region now includes Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France) celebrate Samhain (pronounced as sow-in) on the night before their New Year’s Eve. So, to dig into the origins of Halloween we have to go back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. 

People of Celt’s tribe held their New Year’s Eve on the 1st of Nov. A day which is around to start a dark and cold winter and often become the cause of human death. Thus, the ancient tribes of Celt believed that the boundaries of the worlds of the living and the dead were blurred on New Year’s Eve, and they celebrated “Samhain” as a symbol of the return of the dead as ghosts. The Celts thought that the presence of spirits from other worlds would cause crop damage and trouble, as well as make it easier for Celtic priests to predict the future. The prophecy was an important source of comfort during the long and dark winters for the people of this ancient tribe who depended entirely on the unstable natural world. To memorialize the event, the priests held a huge but sacred bonfire, where the people of that tribe burned crops and animals as sacrifices to their gods and goddesses, and during celebrations, people usually wore animal heads and leather garments, which now have probably become Halloween costumes. 


Although Indian society has refrained from spreading the idea of ​​ghosts or spirits in the belief that they can bring back bad luck and the celebration of Halloween has not been recognized in Indian streets, but in some places, the present generation is attracted to this festival which full of costume. So, let’s make a commitment to avoid gathering this year because we are going through a terrible pandemic. Stay safe at this festival.

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