Dice Media Firsts Season 3 reviews: Love has no labels!

The season 3 of Firsts is a tale of acceptance, and coming together to celebrate the beauty of love, which has no labels. The one-minute Instagram series focuses on the same-gender romantic relationship between two female protagonists.


After entertaining a million viewers at the onset of the lockdown with Firsts season 2, Dice Media is back with yet another riveting season that is ready to pack a punch among its viewers. Firsts season 3, pushes boundaries and explores a same gender romantic relationship between two young girls, who instantly click on a dating app Tinder and decide to onboard an exhilarating journey of understanding love, life, and more together. Drawing real-life experiences and staying truly aligned to the story arc, the show is beautifully penned by Sulagna Chatterjee who, identifies as a queer and is directed by the very talented Bharat Misra.

This season stars young talented actors Shreya Gupto, and Himika Bose, playing the role of the protagonists, who are both in their early twenties. After a month long online romance that blossomed on Tinder, the two spontaneously decide to take their relationship to the next level. Amidst the lockdown, they move in together, only to discover how different their personalities are. Worlds collide when the carefree Lavanya, and the slightly uptight Ritu explore their many ‘Firsts’ as a same gender couple. Being as different as chalk and cheese, their story is both entertaining, and relatable for couples across the board.

Over the course of 20 episodes of one-minute each, the show is a depiction of how couples from the queer community cope with and navigate being in a live-in relationship in a largely heterosexual society.


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Commenting on her experience portraying a queer character, Shreya Gupto, said, ‘I remember watching Amol Palekar’s Quest in college and getting curious about sexuality, troubles faced by various communities in society. Eventually when I was diving into this curiosity I started understanding the LGBTQ community from a closer lens. I watched Margarita with a straw and was so awestruck. I have friends who are queer and absolutely wanted to be part of a queer story someday. Call it the law of attraction, I came across this character in Dice Media’s Firsts season 3 and was crossing my fingers to get on board.. Voilà! And here we are! I feel extremely grateful & PROUD to be representing the LGBTQIA+ community through this series.’

Sharing her experience, Himika Bose says, “I am very excited for the audience to watch this, not just as an LGBTQIA+ themed show, but as a normal relatable love story. Love is love; and it’s about time people start respecting and accepting that, irrespective of the genders involved. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to play such a bold character as Lavanya. She is a person who wears her heart off her sleeve and speaks her mind. She is funny but at the same time extremely passionate about her work. I quite resonate with her on many levels. The character has taught me a lot in-fact, and I am definitely going to take so much more back with me from her as well as the show. I can’t wait for everyone to watch it and feel the magic we felt when we shot it.”

While Firsts Season 1 & 2 received an overwhelming response from fans across the country, No doubt this time also Dice Media has pushed the bar with a whole new exciting story in ‘Firsts’ Season 3.

Catch the first episode of Firsts S3 on Dice Media’s Instagram page.


Link to watch all 20 exciting one- minute Instagram series of firsts season 3.


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