Zee5 has released their latest web series Taish. A combination of revenge and friendship, the web series has successfully pulled it up to a great extent. Let’s have a tour to what the Taish review says about the web series.


Cast Of Taish

The cast of Taish includes a few talented faces from Bollywood. Starting with Jim SarbhPulkit Samrat, and Harshvardhan Rane playing the lead role. While in the female face, we got to see Kriti Kharbanda, Sanjeeda Sheikh, and Neha Sharma. Apart from these, there are Abhimanyu Singh, Amit Sandh, Zoa Morani, and a few others.

The Plot Of Taish

A tale of friendship, love and revenge has run down to portray the loss of innocence as the shades of life turn out to be murkier. The movie opens with an errand of violence, starring Pulkit Samrat in the skin of Sunny. He attempts to kill a man in the loo by crashing his skull.

Soon, the mood of the story changes to a brighter hue featuring the NRI residents of England. There was the presence of Rohan, played by Jim Sarbh, whose acquaintance was Sunny, whose role has been played by Pulkit Samrat. He came back home to attend his brother’s wedding. There we also get to introduce with Sunny’s Pakistani girlfriend, Afra, portrayed by Kriti Kharbanda.


The story didn’t confide to only one family. It got extended to the rival family featuring Harshvardhan Rane as Pali, who is in love with his elder brother’s wife, Jahaan, played by Sanjeeda Sheikh. This unrequited love story takes a rough flow throughout. However, the taste of the plot gets bitter when the elder brother, Kuljinder Singh appears to attend the wedding. A massive wind from the past blows between the two, leaving major bloodshed throughout the series.

As Rohan sets out to take his revenge on behalf of his friend, a series of unethical and violent events enlisted the series. The title, Taish, has gloried better in the last few halves of the story, where the revenge chapters get much clear contrasting to the first part that that depicts more on the wedding scenes.

Take On Taish

Taish talks briefly about the unmanageable anger issues underlying the lead characters and their actions. The unfortunate conclusion of the unjustified anger has to be filled with blood and death. The theme talks about revenge that shifts a man’s innocence within a fraction of second. Therefore, it serves as a warning on the warm plate that needs to cool down before diving to devour it.

The wonderful cinematography has to steal the appreciation. Apart from that, the acting skill of the team is a mixed performance which could have been better in a few instances. Nambiar has worked beautifully in crafting out the plot. However, a tighter deliverance was preferred.
Overall, the six-episode covers Taish with almost up to the brim of satisfaction. It has been rated 7.2/10 in IMDb, 3/5 in NDTV, and a 3.5/5 in Koimoi.

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