Why excess fructose consumption can be bad for your health

Excessive sugar intake has been linked to ADHD, Bipolar disorders, and aggressive behavior. The following research was conducted at the University of Colorado  Anschutz Medical Campus. There was a link found between the consumption of fructose and high fructose corn syrup in increasing the risk of these disorders.


According to Richard Johnson, MD, professor at University of Colorado School of Medicine, consumption of fructose or food products high on fructose stimulates a response similar to starvation. Increase in behavioural actions like impulsiveness, rapid decision making, risk taking behaviour and aggressiveness increases in order to secure food as a survival response. Excess sugar intake can increase these behavioural reponses resulting in increase in likelihood of developing ADHD or Bipolar disorder.

Some foods containing fructose includes candies, sugary beverages (Cola), sodas, baked goods, fast foods like burgers, breakfast cereals, nutrition bars, breads and energy drinks. Naturally fructose is also found in fruits, though the processed foods are the ones we need to watch out for. Increased fructose consumption is also associated with cardiovascular issues and diabetes.

In yet another study published in the journal Cell metabolism, fructose rich diet was also associated with slower metabolism of fat. This can increase the risk of obesity too as there is very less fat being metabolized and the liver can get overburdened with fat.


Glucose consumed can be used for energy directly but in case of fructose being a complex sugar, it has to be converted to simple sugars and only then can it be used by the body.

Hence it is important to read the food labels and be aware of the foods we are consuming.

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