Kangana Ranaut is back on her fitness journey

For her upcoming film, ‘Thlaivi’ Kangana had to put on some weight. She had to gain 20kg for this film. The film is based on the life of the late Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Today she took her Instagram account to share her fitness journey.
As the shooting drew to a close, Kangana shared photos from her own fitness routine as well as plans to return to her normal weight.


He wrote in her post, “I have gained 20 kg for Thalaivia, now we are very close to finishing it, I need to go back to my previous size, agility, metabolism, and flexibility. I’m going to wake up very early and go for a walk …. who is with me?”
Talking about ‘Thalaivi’, Kangana was recently seen playing with the faces of politicians to make a copy of J Jalalita from the sets of the films. The actress is sharing several anecdotes from the production.

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