Top three trendy combinations for your bedroom

Color represents your inner self. So it is important to choose the right color for any place. Be it exterior or interior, either in the bedroom or bathroom, or in the kitchen in the children’s room.


So, here are the best three color combinations for your bedroom.

  •  Blue tops this list. This color has a positive effect on the mind and spreads clarity and relaxation. It helps to slow down the metabolism and create a good night mood.

Blue pairs best with pure white. Navy blue and white is a topmost choice since Navy blue is a timeless and controller color that is growing in popularityNavy blue is a timeless and controller color that is growing in popularity. Also you can pair any shade of your selected blue with grey, white or beige.

Blue bedroom
  • Pink is the one if you’re interested in pastel shade. This color inspires the effect of warmth and comfort. The darker the pink, the more passionate and energetic. The psychology of pink gives a sign of hope. It soothes and relieves feelings of anger, aggression, hatred.

And mostly not just the bedroom, you can use it in the kids room, sitting room and even the kitchen. You can choose any shade of pink and combine with white, beige, blue, earthy or with turquoise.

pink bedroom
  • Green, a color of balance and harmony. The color of growth, spring, renewal and regeneration. It renews and restores energy. Emotionally green is a positive color that gives us the ability to love and nurture ourselves and others unconditionally.

The color green is most suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. Not ideal for cold spots. It can combine with earthy colour, or with white, beige, dark grey or even with light brown.

green bedroom

Thede are the most favourable colurs. But then also choose colurs that suits you the most and can express trueself.

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