Bollywood Strikes Back: Kangana Ranaut once again satires on Bollywood Big Celebrities

Kangana Ranaut reacted to the news of Bollywood’s 38 production houses and organizations filing a civil suit in the Delhi High Court. Kangana responded to ‘Bollywood Strikes Back’ by tweeting several times, saying that by hiding each other’s filth, these people show their loyalty.


Some of Bollywood’s biggest production houses have filed suit in Delhi High Court against some channels for allegations of tarnishing the image of the industry, in which the High Court has been requested to remove the objectionable content presented by the channels. Kangana expressed a lot of tweets on this attitude of the industry.

Kangana tweets- Bullywood (Kangana writes this for Bollywood) is a gutter of drugs, harassment, nepotism and jihad. Its lid is opened. Instead of clearing it, ‘Bollywood Strikes Back’ will also be a case against me. As long as I am alive, I will keep exposing you all.
There is an unwritten law in the film industry. You hide my dirty secrets, I will hide yours.
This is their way of proving loyalty to each other. Since I was born, I am seeing only these handful of men from the film families run the industry. When will this change?

Kangana further tweets – Big heroes not only present women as objects, but also exploit younger girls. They do not allow youth like Sushant Singh Rajput to come forward. At the age of 50, he plays the role of a school kid. They do not stand for anyone. Not even when something is going wrong before their eyes.

In another tweet, Kangana tweets with the picture of Sushant- Now those who crawl into the Bollywood gutter, find out how it feels when they are insulted in front of the whole country. Is targeted Isolated. Why you are hiding or running away? You are so many wolves in the herd, the feeling of being alone will die, no?

Kangana gave her example and tweets- I have been complaining about exploitation and harassment in Bollywood for many years. Today an artist died because of the same reason. If Bollywood’s gutter is being cleared on the pretext of Sushant’s death, then why are they suffering so much? I also have all the information.

In Sushant Singh Rajput death case, Kangana had blamed the Bollywood camp, nepotism and alleged harassment for her death from the beginning.

#BoycottBollywood trend started on Twitter after this counterattack by Bollywood. The artists whose production houses have filed this suit are being talked about by Boycott. Some users expressed surprise at Ajay Devgan joining the litigants.

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