Finally!! The wait is over, Laksmmi Bomb Trailer is Out Now

The wait of the fans out there is over! One of the most awaited trailers of the year is out. Disney Plus Hotstar has already dropped the bomb, named Laxmmi Bomb trailer. The trailer of the movie is available on youtube.


The Excitement

There has been a lot of excitement going on around the trailer. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar twisted a post in his social media. There he posted asking for love and support from his fan base on the release of the trailer.

What The Trailer Hides

The trailer has presented an iconic dimension of the horror-comedy. It is obvious that the story revolves around a restless spirit who is going to put all the nuisance.
As far as the plot is concerned, there would be a love story at the beginning. It will, later on, turn out to be a mess surrounded with comedy and spooky incidents. Kiara Advani would play the love interest of Akshay Kumar in the movie. The couple would be heeding to Kiara’s house to make their parents accept their love life. However, the house is where all the story begins. The character of Akshay Kumar gets followed by an unknown spirit all of a sudden. The entity enters the house and made possession of him. This is the reason why Akshay Kumar gets lunatic.
Initially, Akshay Kumar throws a challenge in open that if he gets to see any ghost in real life, he will end up wearing bangles. The irony reaches the limit where he not only wears bangles but also puts turmeric paste on the face. He drapes a saree just like a lady, puts a big circular bindi of vermillion on the forehead. Also, he behaves eccentrically around the people. He kept beating people who would come on his way.
There is a part that talks about “revenge are funnily explosive” in the movie. But we are yet to know what revenge the movie wants to unfold.

Apart from Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani, there will be Ritesh Deshmukh in the movie. The movie has been directed by Raghava Lawrence. Laxmmi Bomb is the official remake of the Tamil movie Muni 2: Kanchana. With a twist of Bollywood music, this movie is definitely going to blast on the fans. Well, it’s better to say “barasne aa rahi hai Laxmmi”


Watch trailer here,

Laksmmi Bomb Trailer

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