Glamorous Nikki Tamboli reveals her ambitions on Bigg Boss 14

India’s one of the most popular show Bigg Boss is flourishing with more and more controversies in this 14th season too. One of their contestants is a South Indian actress Nikki Tamboli, who is impressing her crewmates and judgemental teams from the very beginning of her entry.


She was introduced in Bigg Boss Grand Premier right after Eizaj Khan. She got there in an attractive purple dress with ruffled sleeves in it. From her first day in Bigg Boss’s lockdown she always tries to prove her one point, that she is very conscious about her looks. Even before all this, she mentioned in an interview- ” I have taken too much effort to look different from others. I have been torturing all my stylists because I really have to look good. Not only for Salman Sir or my fans but for myself also. I love to look gorgeous all the time, so, I have actually put in a lot of effort for all the outfits that I will be wearing.”

She even refused to do the plates because her manicure might be waisted after that.

Films by Nikki


Thippara Meesam, Kanchana 3 and Chikati Gadhilo Chithakkotudu are the films where We can found this South Indian actress. According to the sources after Bigg Boss 14 she may be able to have her debut in Bollywood.

Ambitions related to Bigg Boss14

This Aurangabad girl is very optimistic about her future and she believes that – As you sow, so shall you reap.  “I am not going with a mind set that this show will make or break my career. I am going only for my fans who want to know who is Nikki Tamboli?” , this is her mindset before she entered the Bigg Boss house.

Though she impressed Salman khan along with the three seniors Gauhar Khan, Hina Khan, and Sidharth Shukla, she thinks that it doesn’t mean she will be a successful actress after this show. According to her –  “There are a lot of examples who have done great in their careers after coming out whereas there are many who didn’t do anything. But again that depends on the person to person-how you take your life journey ahead.”

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