Bhumi Pednekar resume to work on her next film ‘Durgavati’

Actress Bhumi Pednekar’s net film is a heroine-centric horror film “Durgavati”. She mentioned that this is the first time in her career that she will carry the entire film on her shoulders.She further added that she does not feel too much pressure about this incident. Durgavati is a horror thriller film directed by Mr. Ashok. The film is based on his own 2018 Telugu film “Bhagmathi”.Bhumi will play an iOS officer, which was played by Anushka Sethi in the original version.
Akshay Kumar, Bhushan Kumar, and Vikram Malhotra ate the producers of this film.
In this photo, we see that the ‘Sand ki Ankh’ actress wanted to bless her goddess on the first day of shooting. Captioned as post ‘#Durgavati begins, with blessings and good vibes, as always need your best wishes as well 🙏🏻 @bhumipednekar #CapeOfGoodFilms @bhushankumar @ivikramix Ashok.


Recently, during a conversation with the media, Akshay revealed how he thought the role of Pednecker. He said he could have made the request to someone else. She thought it was an IPS female role and she fits this bill very well and she just wanted an image of the kind of house next door, very simple simple. So, he went and asked her and she agreed.

Mahi Gill also starred in the film to play a policeman working in a case involving a lead character. The film will be shot in real places of Madhya Pradesh including heritage buildings like Moti Mahal, Sadar Manzil and nearby Municipal School, Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Old Central Jail in Bhopal, Minto Hall, Poha Bhata Village, etc. Among others.


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