1-day prime minister| When a film touches reality

Sanna Marin, prime minister of Finland, a Northern European nation. But her recent action turns a scene of Bollywood film into reality. Remember in the movie ‘Nayak: The Real Hero’ starring Anil Kapoor of 2001, we saw the common man becoming the Chief Minister one day. And last Wednesday, 7th October of 2020 Sanna Marin turns it to reality. She hands over all her duties and charges of government affairs to a 16 yrs old teen named Aava Murto(1-day prime minister).


Sanna Marin 34 years old. She herself is the youngest state-head in the world. Their coalition government came to power in Finland last December. And she took this wonderful initiative which was part of a global campaign for a global takeover of the children’s rights charity International. 

Another hand, Murto, 1-day prime minister, an climate change, and human rights campaigner. She also encouraged girls to identify their roles in technology sectors. She said ” Gender equality ambitions will fall short as long as girls are pushed aside from using and developing technology. Girls, too, have a digital future, and that is why girls should have a voice in technology,”

By happily finishing role PM for “Girls Takeover” programme – part of the United Nation International Day of the Girl to raise more awareness of gender equality, Murto said, “Girls’ access to technology is a significant, global equality issue that needs to be taken seriously,”.


She also told the media that he has learned new things about the legal system of the country after becoming the Prime Minister one day.

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