Evergreen beauty Rekha turns 66

Rekha’s life was full of controversies since she was a child. She was born as Bhanurekha Ganesan on the 10th of October,1954 to parents Gemini Ganesan and Pushpavalli. Her parents were actors but she did not have any aspirations in this career but her financial conditions compelled her to start acting at a very young age. Rekha did her schooling from Church Park Convent School which happens to be in Chennai. She studied here till she was 13 years and then she left school to pursue her career in acting. 


She is known for playing strong independent women characters in her films. She is acknowledged for her versatility all over the world. She is one of the outstanding actresses Indian cinema has provided us with. She has proved her acting in films like Khoon Bhari Mang, Biwi ho to Aisi, and many more. She has worked in more than 180 Hindi films and even won a National Film Award and besides this, she has won three Filmfare Awards too. 

Talking about her personal life, she faced a lot of problems. There were many lows she had gone through in her life. Her father who happens to be a famous actor did not acknowledge her as his daughter during childhood. Once in her interview, she mentioned that her father’s carelessness still rankled and that she had resisted his efforts at reconciliation. 

As she had no father, she started acting at a very young age because of the financial crisis her family was going through. Her mother did work but the money she earned was not enough to make ends meet so she was forced to leave school and start acting to take care of his family. As she hailed from the South she couldn’t speak Hindi so she faced a lot of problems in having a conversation with her colleagues. She constantly missed her mother who was very ill but couldn’t go and meet her and she was on a strict diet so was facing a lot of problems in adapting herself to new surroundings. In one of her interviews, talking about her struggle days she said, “Bombay was like a jungle, and I had walked in unarmed. It was one of the most frightening phases of my life… I was ignorant of the ways of this new world. Guys did try and take advantage of my vulnerability. I did feel, “What am I doing? I should be in school, having ice-cream, fun with my friends, why am I even forced to work, deprived of normal things that a child should be doing at my age?” Every single day I cried because I had to eat what I didn’t like, wear crazy clothes with sequins and stuff poking into my body. Costume jewelry would give me an absolutely terrible allergy. Hair spray wouldn’t go off for days even despite all my washing. I was pushed, literally dragged from one studio to another. A terrible thing to do to a 13-year-old child.”


Personal life

In 1990, she married Delhi-based entrepreneur Mukesh Agarwal who committed suicide after 8 months of marriage. At that time she was targeted by Media houses and even she was called a witch by some people. It was a tipping point in her career and personal life. 

There were reports that she had married actor Vinod Mehra in 1973 but she denied all those reports by calling Vinod a well-wisher. There were also rumors that she has a love affair with Amitabh Bachchan because their chemistry was loved by the audiences a lot. They gave many super hit movies to us. Rekha never accepted this rumor about her. 

Today the evergreen actress Rekha turns 66 years old. We wish her good health, love, and happiness. Hoping to see her on the big screen soon. 

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