Bad Boy Billionaire: India Storyline, Review

Netflix’s controversial series ‘Bad Boy Billionaires: India’ is streaming live on the OTT platform. Investigative documentary series, claim to explore the life of India’s most notorious business tycoons. Subrata Roy, B Ramling Raju, and Mehul Choksi filed a case in the court seeking stay of the release of the documentary.
The digital platform has released three episodes featuring Mallya, Modi, and Roy. On Saturday, a court in Bihar’s Area district banned the series from airing in September, but today Netflix finally released the web series. All episodes have been published except for B Ramling Raju, the founder of Satyam Computer Services.



Bad Boy Billionaires: India is an Indian Netflix original documentary web series that focuses on the lives of four prominent Indian business magazines, including Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Subrata Roy, and Ramling Raju, who achieved major business success in their lifetime before being charged with corruption.


Bad boy billionaires don’t sympathize with you. I was felt amazed when unexpectedly silent Modi said, ‘no comment’, when the journalist confronts him about fleeing, and about the needs to return the creditors.
The episode with Subrata Roy attracted me the most because he worked with a common man who has no permanent address or no bank account. I was surprised that Vijay Mallya’s friends and family are all living in a bubble because they can understand why he must invite Enrique Iglesias to his 30th birthday party and still doesn’t seem to need to compensate his employees.
I don’t know how much money is enough or what they want. Each of these people started with a dream, and then couldn’t stop when things got out of hand. This documentary series feels less refined than this because the stories have not yet reached a conclusion.


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