Covid-19 vaccine to be expected to roll out within less than 3 months

Covid-19 vaccine would roll out in as less than 3 months in UK, if reports are to be believed. The vaccine is reported to be in advanced stages of development being developed by Oxford university and a British multinational pharmaceutical named AstraZeneca. The vaccine excludes children. This news has come after the vaccine trial was put on hold last month due to an adverse reaction developed in one of the participants. Later though after obtaining approval from Medicines Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA), the trials resumed.



The Uk government has ordered 100 million doses of the vaccine. According to a protocol by UK’s joint committee on vaccination and immunisation, the vaccination would be tried out on adults over the age of 65, followed by adults over 50 and lastly young adults in the end.

Even after the approval of Covid-19 vaccine , it might take another six to nine months for its approval, according to Professor Nilay Shah, head of chemical engineering at Imperial College London. Government sources involved in vaccine production though claim that it could take six months or less after approval and would be significantly quicker.


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