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Breathing Exercise To Keep Calm: In this worrisome situation the most important is to keep ourselves clam and control our anxiety level and stay fit.


And the best way is to have a frequent practice of breathing exercises. It is proven that these excercises reduce stress or anxiety, or improve your lung function.

We often tell people that there is a good reason to “breathe”. It is most neglected but yet effective stress management tool. And we inadvertently carry that with us every second. Yes. That’s our breath.

A proper breathing can heal numerous sickness. Breathing exercises can have a profound effect on our state of mind, as well as increase the quality of your meditation practice.


But while breathing has lots of good giving toward us. But actually there are also exists improper breathing. It can disrupt oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange and contribute to anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, and other physical and mental disturbances.

When people are anxious, they take quick, shallow breaths that come directly from the chest and thus cause an improper way breathing called chest breathing.

And about Diaphragmatic breathing or deep breathing, which is done by contracting a muscle diaphragm located horizontally between the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity. During this type of shortness of breath, air enters the lungs, the chest does not grow, and the abdomen expands. It is also known as abdominal breathing. Its actually normal way of breathing. New born are also breathe this way naturally.

Breathing Exercise To Keep Calm

Ok so that’s about breathing. Now let me share with you about some simple Breathing Exercise To Keep Calm that can help you to remain stress-free or can help to reduce anxiety.

  • As for very first way, you can try this any time and at any place you are. And try this for minimum 5 times a day. Now as for process :

Keep your neck and shoulder relaxed. Rise chest a bit and expand your abdomen. Then inhale slowly while count up to 2. Then slightly purse your lip as if you’re whistling. Then exhale slowing through pursed lip while count up to 4. And you can make a soft whoosing sound and you will start to feel relaxed hence.

This is one of the best process for having normal breathing to relax.

  • As for second way, this is known as belly breathing. For process :

Lie on your back and keep head on a pillow and another pillow under your knee as support. Place a hand on upper chest and another on rib cage while feel the movements on your midriff or diaphragm. Then exhale slowly through nose while count up to 2 feeling your stomach pressing into your hand. Then exhale using pursed lips as you tighten your stomach muscles. And by all time keep another hand unmoved as much possible.

  • As for third way, Lion breathing is a sitting pranayama exercise to relieve tension in the jaw, neck and mouth. This practice helps you feel more motivated as we awaken our face with a new flow. For process :

Start by sitting on your knees or, if necessary, cross your legs and put your feet under your seat. Then open the chest by pressing the palm of your hand on the knee. Extend your fingers and straighten your arms as you continue to breathe. Breathing through the nose. Make a “ha” sound as you exhale forcibly with your mouth. Across the entire portion of the breath, enlarge your mouth and stick your tongue as close to your chin as possible. Return to normal facial position as soon as you breathe again. Practice wherever you want, for 4-7 minutes.

There are many as like breathing exercises that can help us to reduce stress and anxiety and have normal breathing. But above three are my favorite and best recommend exercises.

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