What is a Virtual Credit Card (VCC)? Which banks provide this facility in India?

Virtual Credit Cards are not a new thing for us now. It is a credit card without physical existence and has all the details digitally that you have on your printed debit card. Let us know in-depth about the Virtual Credit Card.


About Virtual Credit Card

Virtual Credit Card is born from insecurity issues and fraud cases in online banking.  It is far away from that plastic avtar. It could be easily generated and destroyed in a timeline. Whenever the user needs he personalize a virtual credit card, he can go to the website of a particular bank, verify his identity through details required. Then the virtual credit card will be generated online. 

It will have all the details like card number, expiry date, validity, and CVV number. It has a validity of 24-48 hours. The main aim of the Virtual Credit Card Service is to provide tension-free online banking without hesitation. 

Banks Providing VCC FAcility

Virtual Credit Card is offered by many reputed banks nowadays like SBI, Kotak, Axis, ICICI, HDFC. Let us help you to know each of them in detail.


Netsafe HDFC VCC

It helps in securing real card numbers and allowing them to see a virtual card number on the merchant website. It is free for all HDFC bank Visa and Mastercard Credit Card and Debit Card users. HDFC bank customers can visit on the Netsafe website and register with their physical debit and credit card.

  • Netsafe created online with a unique number and only one time usable
  • Netsafe VCC will be valid for maximum 48hrs
  • The limit of each card is 75000.
  • Only for HDFC Bank Account holder with a debit card or credit card

For more details please visit the website.

Kotak Netcard VCC

Kotak provides one time to use the virtual card for easy online shopping. It is used at every online payment accepting sites by VISA card.  For more details please check here

  • Free no fee
  • Netcard expires automatically in 24-48hrs
  • Netcard can be created through Kotak net banking
  • Netcard VCC can be used on all website that accepts VISA card
  • Minimum Card limit 100rs and Maximum per day 50,000rs


SBI Virtual Credit Card is known as E-card or electronic card. The card generation and the transactions are secured by the OTP system. For detailed information, please visit the website here.

  • SBI VCC service is free
  • SBI VCC expires automatically in 24-48hrs
  • Minimum Card limit 100rs and Maximum per day 50,000rs
  • Domestic use only

Amex VCC

American Express Virtual Credit Card is quick to set up by using the American Express Go portal. It is a matter of a few clicks and you will be ready to use it virtually. Have a detailed overview here.

Icici VCC

It is an add-on Visa Credit issue on the physical card. All the required details are visible online. It is a safer option for online banking. For more details visit the website here:

  • Minimum limit 1rs
  • International/ Domestic use


It is a flexible payment solution for individuals as well as organizations. Customers can use it by taping on their mobile handset at the payment area in the merchant outlet. Find more information here.

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