Top 8 Punjabi food that’s loved by everyone

When it comes to Punjabi dishes, it is irresistible for anyone on this planet!! Especially north Indians will find it as the lip-smacking dishes. Ingredients of Punjabi cuisine are the most aromatic ones that impart the yummilicious fragrance, one cant hold back. Punjabi food has the taste and appearance that is mouth-watering all the time for all age groups. This is the reason behind the presence of Punjabi hotels and restaurants in every corner of India! And the Dhaba style Punjabi food is always a Punjabi lover’s paradise. So, let’s find the most lovable dishes of Punjabi food.


Butter Chicken

When Punjabi dishes are discussed in any corner of world butter chicken is on the top always!! Because of its delicious taste, it rules at number one of the list. Its creamy and lightly spicy taste is enough to think of it whenever it comes to order Punjabi food in any restaurant. Taste of marinated chicken is the best feeling ever !!

Rajma Chawal

Punjabi Food

It is a dish that tastes ever best at all the places, whether it is a 3-star hotel or roadside Dhaba. Rajma Chawal is a Punjabi food that you will find always tasty and delectable anywhere you eat. The taste and appearance of rajma Chawal are most infectious. It goes well in lunch as well as dinner. It is not pure Punjabi thing as of the dish, but if you want to eat it in its real form, you need to visit Punjab for sure!! It goes with a variety of side dishes like curd, onion or sometimes even papad. Yes, people add papad to rajma Chawal. I have seen it with my own eyes!!! But, we all will agree on one thing, with whatever it is Rajma Chawal is the best Punjabi dish that could ever happen in existence. 

Chole Bhature

punjabi food

Chole with Bhature, the best partners of Punjabi dishes. When it comes to chole you will have varies types like Amritsari or Peshawari but the taste is always undoubtedly incredible. It is not necessary to have it with Bhature always, the choices vary as per taste, it may be naan, kulcha, paratha. Whatever you like to have. The aroma of spices used while preparing the chole is the real secret behind the dish. It has the power to melt you and you have decided to eat something different but you end up with chole Bhature, it is the secret of chole Bhature!!  



Oyeee hooyeee. The jumbo glass filled with creamy and salty lassi is enough to fill your tummy with no space left. This delicacy made up of curd and cream is the identity of Punjab. It is said that “lassi ni Piya to kya Piya”. It says it all. The mouth-filling taste of lassi is an extraordinary summer treat. The added flavors like mango, rose, strawberry in lassi, are always cherry on the cake. You can find lassi at every restaurant menu irrespective of Punjabi food in the menu. If you have something lighter at dinner or lunch, then lassi is enough to make you fill full. It is a nutrition-rich and healthy food option that you can rely on while eating out consciously.

Dal makhani

dal makhani punjabi food

If I would have various options like dal taka, dal fry or dal makhani. I would definitely go for dal makhani. It is a Punjabi food made up of black lentils and kidney beans. The gravy part of preparation has the aroma which makes you literally tempting for it. When it is cooked slowly for a longer time with cream or butter, the taste it releases in your mouth has no explanation. The flavors of slow-cooked Dal makhani is something you should never miss. Dal makhani- as the name suggests fresh cream or butter are the secret ingredients of this Punjabi dish. When it is cooked for a long time, the flavors of spices have a real effect on the whole dish and the butter makes it even better. If you wish to check the authenticity of any Punjabi restaurant, try dal makhani. Your taste buds will say it all.


punjabi food

It is the Punjabi food, that has lots of variations. It is the fix breakfast menu of most of the Punjabi houses. Paratha has a lot of variety to offer, gobi, mooli, carrot, beet, onion, tomato, cheese, And the king of all. Aloo paratha. If you are looking for an authentic taste of paratha then Dhaba style restaurants on highways are your destination. Curd and pickle are the loyal companions of desi ghee fried paratha. You must have visited “paratha house” or “Parathe wali Gali” once in your life. The way it is cooked and served is the real identity of Punjabi food. It can play the role of heavy breakfast and dinner well. In addition, it is the most preferred food to be packed while traveling. Hot and spicy paratha are always tummy fillers with lassi.

Sarson ka saag and Makke ki roti

Sarson ka saag and Makke ki roti

The famous Punjabi dish Sarson ka saag and Makke ko roti have the taste that every foody can fall for. This delicacy needs expertise in making and tasty tooth in eating!! The tricks and tips of the recipe have all the secrets of this dish. It is winter special food, with pickle and onion. The mouth-watering taste of Sabji and corn roti has its own importance in terms of nutrition also. But, it is believed that the taste of this Punjabi food dish is not just like all other gravy Sabjis, so a group of people may not like it.

Amritsari Kulcha

amritsari kulcha punjabi food

Visit of Amritsar is not a visit without a taste of kulcha. It is usually a breakfast dish taken with green chilly, pickle and curd. The authentic kulcha is a candid treat to your stomach on weekends, It is stuffed with potatoes and made with spices. The preparation makes it “Laziz” and a tasty treat to your buds.

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