Naati pinky ki lambi love story serial start date, cast, promo

Naati pinky ki lambi love story, serial announced to be aired on Colors TV. The catchy title has won the half-game. Another is won by 2 promos recently.



It is a story revolving around a short heightened girl, Pinki. Who is marriage material, and as a usual society and family members are worried about her future life partner just because of her short height? But, the interesting part comes now. She herself seems to be such confident that this physical characteristic doesn’t hinder her. She is a “mast maula” kind of Chulbuli girl, who doesn’t care about all these problems.


The promo is very interesting and her acting is mind-blowing. You can’t hold yourself from seeing the same promo again and again. 

Naati pinky ki lambi love story serial is a production of Bodhitree Productions Company. The lead role of the guy hunting girl is well played by Riya Shukla and Punnet Chouksey is accompanying her in the male lead role. Naati pinky ki lambi love story 30-sec promo has all the qualities that can hold the attention of the audience. It is believed that the serial is going to be awesome.



The promo is so interesting that the audience is tempting to know the dates when they can actually see her finding her dream boy with a small height. In the promo, when she says for every Jaya Bachchan one Amitabh Bachchan is made. At the same time doorbell rings. It is such a cute coincidence.

Naati pinky ki lambi love story start date will be announced soon. 


  • Riya Shukla,
  • Puneet Choksey,
  • Vibhutu Patil Thakur,
  • Madan Tyagi,
  • Neelam Gupta,
  • Bharti Achrekar,
  • Pyumori Mehta Ghosh.

Let us know in the comment section, who is your favorite TV star amongst these all.

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