10 best places to enjoy snowfall in India in 2019-2020

India is blessed with various climatic conditions due to its geographic location. Indians can experience all the moods of nature in different parts of India. One of the most cherished moments is experiencing snowfall. Snowfall has it’s own charm that makes people fall for it. The touch of snow on the face is a feeling that could not be described fully. You should be there to feel it.


 Usually, mid-winter months like December and January are the most favorite months for an outing for snowfall lovers. India’s uppermost locations like Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand are most likely to be covered with a beautiful layer of snowfall in India winters. 

Let us help you to find the best location to enjoy snowfall in India in 2020. These places are immersed in a snowy environment in December and January. It makes this a most preferred location for honeymooners. 

Pahalgam, Jammu, and Kashmir

snowfall in india 2020

Snowy weather with white paint all around is a sign of Pahalgam. You will find it as one of the best places to enjoy snowfall in India. Its freezing weather and riverside location can fall you in love with. If skiing is what you are crazy about, Pahalgam is a wonderland for you. Its scenic beauty and white layer of snow all around will be printed in your mind as a life long memory. Thunder wrapped environment with natural views will make your seat on a couch and sip hot coffee with your loved ones if you are just happy with scenic beauty. But, if you are an adventurous person like me, you can’t resist to go and play with snowballs and feel the snowflakes on your palm and face. 



snowfall in ladakh 2020

Who doesn’t want to go to Ladakh by road on a bike? Make your way in dense snow sheets and enjoy the cold weather. Those, who write winter in their favorite season answer in scrapbooks, are definitely going to love Ladakh. If you choose the right time you can witness heavy snowfall in and around Ladakh. You can consider it as the snowfall capital of India. Ladakh is a very much preferred place by the souls with wings who truly want to find their identity in the lap of mother nature. Its pristine scenic beauty makes you fall in love with nature all over again. I can bet you if you are a true nature lover and travel freak, Ladakh must be at the top of the places you want to visit or must have visited. Its calm environment makes you feel yourself within.



Auli is always ready to welcome you with its cool weather. In general, Auli witnesses a moderate snowfall in India every year. It is a place that is ideal for a winter vacation and New year 2020 celebration. Auli has all the fun and adventure features in its bucket, which a traveler must be seeking while deciding a place to visit. I have seen crazy people planning their journey immediately after a news broadcast of snowfall in Auli. it is a favorite destination for skiing lovers because of its hilly location. 


2020 nainital

One of the favorite couple’s destinations in winter is none other than Nainital. Situated in Uttarakhand, Nainital is named after Goddess Naina Temple, located near a lake (tal).  It is a famous destination for summers as well as winter, because of its all-time favorite weather. Nainital is always crowded with tourists because of its climatic conditions. It has a tangy and twisty food variety to offer along with the scenic beauty. You can enjoy a diverse range of animals in Nainital as a cherry on the cake. Nainital is one of the places who experience Snowfall in India during winter.


snowfall in india 2020 almora

A smaller town of Uttarakhand is an elevated hilly region of Uttarakhand with vibrant cultural diversity. It is a magnetic place always attracting backpackers for its scenic beauty and natural sensations. Almora gives a chance to explore mother nature in shades of Himalayan Hills. It welcomes you to relax in an eye capturing landscapes and cool breeze. When it comes to snowfall, it is the offbeat location for snow lovers in Uttrakhand. 


snowfall in india

If snow trekking is your thing, Chopta is made for you. One more place form Uttrakhand, Chopta has all the vibrant things capable to attract an adventure seeker. It experiences so heavy snowfall in winter that the hilly region is always found in a sheet of snow during winters. It makes Chopta one of the hidden choices for tourists because of snowfall in India. Its high elevated mountains can feel your eyes with breathtaking views and unforgettable moments. Because of situated in the Kedarnath wildlife century, Chopta is a greeny region filled with lush green meadows.


Kufri Snowfall in india 2020

One of my favorite destinations on the planet earth is Kufri. The air in Kufri is filled with adventures vibes and scenic views. It is a place offering adventurous activities and thunder cool environment. Kufri, located in Himachal Pradesh, is derived from “kufr” means lake. Its beautiful landscapes and snowy weather is enough to convince you to visit Kufri again and again. If you are in Kufri in winter, you will experience the most lovable snowfall n India. Visit Kufri in winter is a splendid treat you deserve all the time!!


Manali is a small but very famous town in Himachal Pradesh. It is located in between snow-capped mountains which stamps it as a “Honeymoon destination” in India. Manali is a hot favorite destination for outdoor activities and snowfall in India. Winter season is the most awaited time for paragliding, rafting, and mountaineering.


snowfall in india 2020

Mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar is a worth visiting place for those who cherish snowfall in India. Khajjiar feels a chilled stroke of winter for almost 5 months in a year. It has a wildlife century in the vicinity that adds a feather in the crown of Khajjiar. Khajjiar, a hill station of Himachal Pradesh is a popular destination for those who enjoy snowfall in India. Its natural beauty has an explainable charm that can add a memorable moment in your trip.  


best places for snowfall in india

Darjeeling is a place who is the least expected place that experiences snowfall in India. But, when it does, it is really a thunder strike moment of the year. Darjeeling is famous for its tea plantation all around the town. It is a part of a Himalayan hilly area, the temperature is always inclined towards the colder part. It has a lot of tourist attractions that make it one of the most visited places in the northeast.

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