Love Lust and Confusion Season 2 Streaming, Cast, Story, Promo

Love Lust and Confusion Season 2

Finally today the Love Lust & Confusion season 2 is released. Today on this occasion of International Women’s Day, Season 02 of Viu Original series is launched. In this web series, the viewers are going to enjoy the life of a dreamer obsessed with her ‘unusual’ bucket list. Check out more details about Love Lust and Confusion Season 2 Streaming, Cast, Story now!!!


Love Lust and Confusion Season 2 Story

Each episode of this series will have an interesting turn and twist. So we would love to provide you a short glimpse of each episode separately. The details we are providing below are based on the details given at the official Viu site.

EPISODE 1: 10 months after the whole fiasco with Johnny, Poroma’s life is on track with a new live-in partner and a new ‘list’ to follow. Poroma bumps into a smart mixed medium artist at an art exhibition.

EPISODE 2: An uninvited guest pays Rahil a visit which makes Poroma very uncomfortable. Poroma decides to move to her old place with Molly.


EPISODE 3: Molly and Poroma get into a huge fight over Jeet’s topic, whereas Poroma tries to clear the misunderstanding. Meanwhile, a kickass box cricket match awaits them.

EPISODE 4: Nikita and Yudi reveal their secret relationship to Molly and Poroma when they get caught during the act. Poroma finds herself infuriated when she goes back to Rumi on Rent to get her luggage.

About this series, all we can say is Poroma is back with a double dose of passion & confusion in this new season filled with fun, crazy hookups & much more.

Love Lust and Confusion Season 2 Cast

Following actors are the parts of the cast of Love Lust and Confusion Season 2:

  • Alisha Berry,
  • Rajat Barmecha,
  • Gaurav Chopraa,
  • Meiyang Chang,
  • Ankit Bathla,
  • Nandini Sen

Love Lust and Confusion Season 2 Streaming Date

The season 2 of Love Lust and Confusion has already started streaming today on 08-03-2019. Viewers can watch this Viu Original series either online or at the Viu application. If you are not having the application installed in your device then you may download it by visiting the Google play store.

Love Lust and Confusion Season 2 Episodes

Till now there are total 04 episodes available at Viu Originals. If any other episode of this latest web series release, we will update the details accordingly.

So, that was all about the Korean Web Seris, Viu Original Love Lust and Confusion Season 2. So, what are you waiting for?? Must Watch the series and share your experience with us.


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