The Indian cricket team and its captaincy woes after Virat Kohli’s post 2018 exit

After Virat Kohli left the captaincy there have been lots of hurdles in the team. BCCI announced that Rohit Sharma will be the new captain of the team. Given Rohit Sharma’s form at that time, BCCI zeroed in on Shikhar Dhawan as the captain for Sri-Lanka series last year and this year they took a chance by putting Hardik Pandya in the shoes of the captain for the series with New Zealand as the IPL Trophy was lifted by Gujarat Titans under his captaincy.


Therefore, now the big Question is who will be the skipper for the team this year as the ODI WORLD CUP is on the way and another question lurking here is whether India will be the NO.1 TEST team?

Well, BCCI stated, because Rohit Sharma is back in form, he will be the captain for the ODI WORLD CUP due to his sensational records in the one-day internationals.

But again, now that Virat Kohli is back to his former self, should the BCCI once again make him the captain for the test cricket team? Well, only time will tell. As of now, we have to just sit back and wait as the events unfurl.


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