Casting Director Turned Producer Anil Goyal Launches One Of A Kind App For Film Industry Aspirants Titled “Talent Tree”

The entertainment industry has its own attraction but on the hindsight it is also a dark place which makes it a slippery slope for many. While we all know it is never always hunky dory, amidst this labyrinth of deception and agonising hunt for genuinity, there surely is hope.


Well, all the newcomers who are aspirants of being prominent faces in films and television, there is good news for all of you. Yes, you read that right. You see renowned casting director turned producer Anil Goyal who currently has a number of shows on air on the TV channel called “Atrangi” one of which is the famous “Jaghanya Apradh” is on the verge of launching his own app which is titled “Talent Tree”. This particular app is meant for all the newcomers eager to make a mark in the industry which will help them find quality work. As the name suggests the app will be the source of contacts of all the prominent names in the industry. There will be hoards of known names of casting directors, actors, directors, producers so on and so forth thereby orienting all the newcomers with the Hindi film and television industry.

This in turn would alleviate all the misgivings the newcomers and their families generally have when moving out to a city like Mumbai to follow their dreams. Talent tree will make sure no undue advantage is taken by anyone in power, however this doesn’t mean that there is a guarantee for work, that will depend on the capability of the candidate who has registered in the app for the audition.

On the other hand there will be also a scope of a candid conversation to be initiated among the registered members thereby lessening any doubts and reservations which will in-turn be resolved in the course of the interactions with the fellow registered individuals. In a candid interview with us Anil besides the above information, Anil also elaborated about another crucial aspect about his app and its potential users, “Anyone who registers on the app can be rest assured about the privacy of their personal information.” He quipped. “There will be no dearth of work and in fact the registered users will also be aware of the locations to visit in order to get auditioned and in fact we are also incorporating “Google Maps” in Talent Tree in order to ease the navigation process inside the economic capital especially for those who are unaware of the city,” he stated.


We at DigiHunt wish Anil all the very best for his new venture. For more such stories from the tellydom and the filmdom keep a close tab on

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