Collective Artists Network’s Big Bang Social aims to redefine the creator economy!

The most trusted creator marketplace- Big Bang Social is Collective Artists Network’s foray into the immensely scalable creator economy business that aims at building the most trusted creator technology platform for the creators, which is one of the fastest growing sectors in the internet economy.


Equipped with a fresh new outlook, young breakthrough talent and disruption of technology, the platform has been making waves and uniting the world of social stories with pop-culture serving both creators and corporate India.

With the penetration of the internet, the boom of technology and with Collective Artists Network’s legacy of being the premier and largest destination for talent, this venture was a natural progression. With the plethora of content on digital platforms and explosion of digital consumption, creator commerce and marketing was still a fragmented and ironically not a very ‘collective’ space, making Big Bang Social a definitive platform to bring an orderly system to a relatively disorganized creator business which is formed to scale through technology.

With over 10,000 influencers and growing rapidly on the platform that has a cumulative reach of over 250 million, Big Bang Social strives to bring true creative and commercial value to the creator market by driving advertising, commerce revenues, opportunities across NFT’s , Blockchain, Metaverse etc… This backed with the legacy and strength of Collective Artists Network’s premium celebrity network makes this particular ecosystem a one stop shop for the creator economy.


Says Vijay Subramaniam, Founder & Group CEO, Collective Artists Network, “At Collective Artists Network, we’ve always been at the forefront of creators and providing them the best platform to both showcase and monetize their talent. A lot of people today speak of creator economy, but there is more focus on the ‘economy’ of it rather than the creator and that’s what we are here to change with Big Bang Social. As far as I am concerned- we are on the way to building the most trusted creator network and scaling the business with our deep roots in pop culture. We will use our core expertise of understanding what creators need, a scalable technology platform, a robust team and capital to double down on this business giving creators a platform to showcase and monetise their content through commerce, advertising and any such new and evolving avenues such as NFT’s, Blockchain,Metaverse etc… We are in a position to state confidently that we have a business that caters to the entire lifecycle of a creator- from their inception to their mega stardom regardless of what they create and where they create.”

Adding to this, Dhruv Chitgopekar ,Co-Founder Collective Artists network and COO platform says- “BigBang.Social is a constantly evolving product that tracks and caters to the dynamic creator economy. Whilst brand advertising has been a mainstay of creator monetization , the future of this universe includes tools that make content planning, discovery, networking, collaborations, commerce (through affiliate and live formats) , merchandise and measurement critical pillars of reach and impact. As a philosophy, we see creators as entrepreneurs. They are wearing multiple hats at any point of time and we want to be a central figure supporting them through the journey. With scalable tech, rich data and insights , we will build a home for the creator economy which will have significant upside for all in the network”.

Amrit Raj, Co-Founder and CTO BigBang.Social – “We set out to build a creator community & the complete eco-system needed to empower it. We enable brand collaborations, commerce, private labels/ merch, learning & support via our network. Additionally we host a range of tools for content creators that aid their creativity whilst simplifying administration (legal , finance and operations) . We also recently opened our deals section for creators to bid for brand collaborations directly, hence further democratising access. We are really excited about the next few months as we release more features for creators & brands to collaborate, making us the only private network of its kind”.

The platform today has micro, nano and macro influencers capped off with the Collective’s reach on celebrity network. These creators are across 100+ categories making content in over 20 langauges. With a variety of communities including Under 25 (India’s largest student youth community), Mainstreet (One of India’s fastest growing apparel and sneaker resellers), Powerdrift (automobile community) among others, Big Bang Social’s scale, reach and strategic approach makes it possible for different brands across all industries to meet their marketing and promotional needs in the most streamlined manner.

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