Top 3 Reasons Casinos in India Seek Mobile Traffic

The casino industry has always been at the forefront when it comes to leveraging technology and the Internet. The first online casino had already hit the market in 1996, 5 years after t2he world wide web opened to the public. From thereon, the market has evolved and is presently moving towards mobile gambling.


The best mobile casinos in India are either mobile-optimized websites or apps. Special bonuses and promotional offers for registering with an online casino through its mobile site or app are becoming commonplace. Ever thought why this hype? We’ll show you the top 3 reasons why every casino operator is leaning towards mobile traffic.

1.  Increased Use of Mobile Devices

Once upon a time, a mobile phone in India was a luxury only the rich could afford. Calling or texting someone were the basic functions it could perform. However, with time, it became an affordable gadget almost every individual could own.

Enter smartphones. Mobile devices got a whole new meaning. Users could now do a lot more than simply calling and texting. From shopping to video streaming to online gaming – everything was just a tap away.


With the dominance of smartphones, people rapidly moved away from desktop and laptop computers, eventually leading to a massive increase in the usage of mobile devices. The online gambling community was quick to notice this rising demand and was successful in supplying mobile sites and apps as a response.

This trend is here to stay, ergo operators seek mobile traffic more than anything else.

2.  Better Internet Connectivity

WiFi entered the digital world in 1997, soon after the world wide web became public. The development of 2G, 3G, 4G, and recently 5G followed suit. In India, the Internet is more accessible, affordable, and speedier than it was a decade ago. In fact, it is among the countries that have the cheapest Internet in the world.

Improved Internet connectivity combined with the rising usage of smartphones translates into more users choosing mobile casinos over their desktop counterparts and spending more time on them. It is now easier to play your favorite casino games on the go and still enjoy a terrific online gambling experience without hiccups.

For this reason, casino operators don’t hesitate to invest heavily in upping and optimizing the experience they want to deliver to such players.

3.  Mobile-Specific Payment Options

With the advent of smartphones, the concept of mobile banking is on a steady rise. Transferring money is a cakewalk now. E-wallets and mobile payment apps have mushroomed, making it simpler for players to deposit money at and withdraw from casinos online.

In India, the introduction of payment options like UPI and IMPS has brought about a revolution. No one wants to play at a desktop casino site and then use a mobile payment method to transfer money.

The use of debit and credit cards hasn’t been eradicated completely. But, it still is an inconvenience given the need to carry them wherever you go.

Everyone, however, wants to play and pay on the move. This is why more and more such payment methods are coming up for online gambling. Operators must incorporate them or fade away.

This is another major reason casinos online look for mobile traffic to stay on top of the game.

Can you think of more such reasons? Let us know in the comment section below.

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