5 Tips for Finding the Best Site to Play International Lotteries Online

Grown tired of the small winnings and the cumbersome process of claiming prizes from Indian state lotteries or live in a state where the government has no lottery at all? You are not alone. This is why more and more Indians are turning to online solutions where plenty of international lotteries can be played in a convenient manner. Thousands of crores can be won and getting your earned money is a cakewalk.


But how do you know which of the many online lottery platforms is best to use? It is true that you shouldn’t just sign up for any? To answer this question, we have created a list of 5 useful tips that will help you find the best lottery site to play at.

1.    Compare the Ticket Prices of Your Preferred Lottery

While lottery sites may be offering the option of playing many of the same lotteries, they decide their own ticket prices. And let me tell you, the price difference from one site to another can be huge. It is most definitely worth spending a bit of time comparing prices to make sure you’re getting a fair deal. When you do, it’s important to take discounts that may be offered by the sites into account.

2.    Decide Between Real Tickets and Lottery Betting

There are two ways for Indians to play the lottery online; you can either bet on the outcome of a draw or you can buy an official ticket that is physically bought, scanned, and virtually sent to you. Lottery sites usually offer one or the other option – not both of them.


Getting proof of a real ticket may sound like the obvious choice, but it isn’t necessarily. In terms of trust and secured payouts, there is no difference between a real ticket and betting on the outcome of a draw. As long as you’re playing with a trusted site, those that are offering the option of lottery betting are fully insured. This means that if a jackpot is won, it is the insurance company that pays the prize money.

3.    Make Sure the Site Is Indian Focused

Of course, this is not a necessity. But if you want to deposit with conventional methods such as UPI and avoid currency exchange fees, it is important. Indian-focused sites will support the use of rupees on your account and display ticket prices, as well as prize money in rupees.

A good way of sorting out Indian-centric lottery sites from platforms that don’t specifically target India is by visiting Indian review sites. As an example, OnlineLottoBaba is a site whose only purpose is to list Indian lottery platforms and provide information about them.

4.    Take Note of Available Play Features

To increase your chances of winning and facilitate entering draws, lottery sites are offering different features. Two of the most popular ones are subscription and syndicate. These are quite common, but not available on all lottery platforms. 

Subscription is simply the act of automatically receiving new tickets to a specific lottery for a selected period of time or until you choose to cancel the subscription. This feature can be convenient to have if you know that you’ll be playing the lottery on a regular basis.

Syndicate is the possibility of playing the lottery in a group as opposed to just buying a ticket for yourself. The way it works is that multiple tickets are bought while every member of the syndicate chips in a certain amount of money. Prizes that are paid from the tickets are then split evenly between all members. Since a heap of tickets is bought, the chance of hitting a jackpot is much higher than playing by yourself.

5.    Confirm That the Site Is Licensed

Unfortunately, many people are trying to take advantage of the poor lottery situation in India by creating websites that claim to be offering lottery tickets. Usually, these sites do not offer entries into international lotteries such as the US Powerball and Mega Millions, but rather try to lure you in with lotteries such as Satta Matka. Nevertheless, to know that a site is legitimate, you must confirm its license.

All trustworthy lottery sites are either licensed by Curacao eGaming or the Malta Gaming Authority. Information about such a license should always be available in the footer of the lottery site. To validate a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, you can use the MGA Register. When it comes to Curacao eGaming, a clickable image should be available in the footer which sends you to a verification site.

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