Top 10 Online Casinos in India

Online casinos in India have gained tremendous popularity since the pandemic. However, the state of online casinos in India has improved over a decade. Many people came to know about the gambling industry and understood the number of thrills and excitement it brings. A person can get high entertainment waves when they choose to play at an online casino in India.


Online Casinos are Legal, Fun & Amazing

According to various surveys and reports, it is 100% legal to play at any online casino in India. However, many people believe that online casinos in India are illegal and hence, they restrain themselves from joining these casinos. But, playing at online casinos is completely legal. The notion that people hold of online casinos’ legality is entirely understandable as the laws aren’t explicitly explained or governed.

Top 10 Online Casinos in India

While talking about land-based casinos in India, they are illegal instead of 2 or 3 states, and the major one is Goa. For Indians, casinos mean Goa. It has been a decade or more since the popularity of online casinos, and Indian players have started generating interest. But before that, Goa was the one-stop destination for all gambling or casino lovers. Indian gambling laws have given the powers to the states, and the states decide whether casinos will be allowed in their region or not. Also, the government has set specific guidelines which define the legal status of a casino game.

According to the law, if a game involves an element of risk or chance, it will be termed illegal. At the same time, if a game involves cognitive skills or an element of some skills, then it can be considered legal. But, here, the grey area is of that line as nobody can ascertain that a game will only have either skills or chance.


Any game, may it be roulette or slot machine – involve both chance and skills. For example – one can’t tell which number would appear on the dice. However, one can decide over each step after each number’s probability. Perhaps, the decision power comes from thinking and cognitive abilities.

Fortunately, these rules do not apply to online casinos as the government hasn’t come up with an exact rule over online gambling. In short, the government hasn’t mentioned whether it is legal or illegal to play at online casinos. The only thing that the Indian government hasn’t touched is online casinos’ regulations. If a person plays at any online casino with a foreign license, he doesn’t cross the boundary of legal implications. Hence, the conclusion is that online casinos are entirely legal to play!

A person experiences a high amount of excitement and fun when he plays at online casinos. The casino games can’t be compared with outdoor games. However, they are nevertheless lesser than those games. A person receives the same amount of adrenaline rush when they win or lose over a match.

Top 10 Online Casinos in India

Whether it is the Jungle Raja game that many casino players like or a simple slot machine, all that a person needs is a grand online casino in India. A person can get various exciting games, including bonuses at the best online casino in India. But, finding the best is a bit of a daunting task.

Hence, we’ve found the list of top 10 online casinos based on reviews from and These casinos are top-notch in their services, games, and bonus. Have a look:

1. Lucky Niki

Lucky Niki casino is new to Indian players but, anyone who loves Japanese anime would get attracted to this online casino in India. Lucky Niki is a Japanese anime-themed casino where you can even find a cartoon character named Niki. She (Niki) will act as a friend to you and explain to you about every single feature of the website and games. This casino has a great background and theme, which most of the online casinos in India do not have.

Some salient features of Lucky Niki are:

  • It accepts Indian players and Indian rupees so that you can even use UPI for the payment
  • It comes with a vast collection of games
  • You can contact the customer support at anytime
  • Though it is a Japanese casino, you can find various Indian payment methods and Indian-origin games as well

2. Casumo

Casumo is considered one of the best online casinos in India, with its varied choices of games. Casumo boasts about its wide variety of gaming collections which host games from the best software providers. Also, you can find all types of games at Casumo, either classic old or their modern addition.

The best part of Casumo is that it never ceases to amaze its customers, and that’s why you can only find positive reviews of the online casino in India. Casumo is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, which is known for its significant regulations.

Some salient features of Casumo are:

  • One can get various types of games at Casumo including fun musical games.
  • The customer satisfaction card is high at Casumo as no customer is left disappointed
  • It accepts Indian players and Indian rupees, and one can pay via Paytm as well
  • The withdrawals are fast at Casumo, and one can withdraw within 2 hours as well.

3. Pure Win

Many people know or address Pure Win as Pure Casino as well. Perhaps, both are the same but, mostly used one is Pure Win. One can win great bonuses at Pure Win and sail through the industry’s best games.

There is one petty issue with Pure Win, and that’s the sportsbook it has. Pure Win has built its sports betting page recently, which requires a lot of updates. Once those updates are done, Pure Win would give a tough competition to all sports betting sites. Till now, it has done great in the online casino industry, and Curacao licenses it.

The best things about Pure Win are:

  • It accepts Indian players and Indian rupees. Indian players won’t feel like they’re playing at a foreign website as Pure Win is designed for genuinely Indian players.
  • Enormous collection of world-famous casino games, including Indian-centric games. It has also got great table games such as online roulette.
  • It doesn’t only have live chat options, but it has Whatsapp support as well. A player won’t have to pay extra effort in either calling or emailing the support.

4. Casino Days

The name Casino Days is beautiful to various Indian casino players. Not only that, the games at Casino Days are top-class. One can experience all the thrills by playing the games of Casino Days. Casino Days is built on the modern approach of providing the best feasible casino features so that no player should waste their time over researching.

Some best points of Casino Days are:

  • One can find a variety of games, including live table games, at Casino Days
  • The customer support at Casino Days is beyond anyone’s comparison or expectations.
  • The customer support team replies in minutes and resolves in minutes as well
  • They have some bollywood theme games too.

5. Rabona

Rabona is not only counted in the list of best online casinos in India; perhaps, it is counted in the list of best sportsbooks in India or sports betting sites. You can find various live casino games, including all the classic old games at Rabona. Also, Rabona hosts a wide variety of virtual sports and betting options.

Some best sides of Rabona:

  • You can get daily promotions including a lot of bonuses at Rabona
  • It comes with a great selection of live casino games and sports betting option

6. RajBet

RajBet is the most preferred and celebrated online casino in India. You can find the highest payout rates at RajBet. Though Raj Bet Online is not a new platform or casino in the market, it has updated its services promptly. It is a secure platform where you can win real money.

Some salient features of RajBet are:

  • RajBet offers a welcome bonus up to RS/-125000 to their users.
  • Various games options, including sports bet, live casino, loto and much more games.
  • The layout of the Raj bet is well designed.
  • User can withdraw money into Paytm as well in Bank account.

7. Twin

Twin Casino is also one of the high-tech and best online casinos in India and the world. It is named Twin Casino because it is licensed by two licensing authorities: Malta Gaming Authority and Swedish Gambling Authority. It has games from the best software providers, such as Pragmatic Play.

Some best features of Twin Casino are:

  • One can withdraw money within less than 24 hours
  • Great gaming choices, and it has got a live chat option with 24/7 support

8. 22bet

22bet offers a dedicated sportsbook for betting lovers. A player can also find various games at 22bet, which makes it more effective. 22bet’s competition goes with sports betting and online casinos in India. Prolifically, 22bet has done the best in its entire corporate cycle. No player ever had any issues with 22bet, and it provided them with the best gaming experience.

Some best parts of 22bet are as follows:

  • 22bet is the best sports betting website for football and cricket lovers as it also provides sports betting options
  • One can find a great selection of casino games at 22bet
  • It accepts Indian players and Indian rupees
  • The customer support team is excellent; it remains available round the clock

9. Casino Planet

Casino Planet comes with a space theme, and that’s why it has named itself Casino Planet. It is considered one of the best online casinos in India. One can easily enjoy various games at Casino Planet, with its powerful space theme and planet background. It offers excellent Indian-centric games like Andar Bahar live.

Some salient features of Casino Planet are:

  • One can enjoy from its varied slot games and Indian card games Like Andar Bahar
  • It accepts Indian players and Indian rupees. One can also pay via UPI and complete the payment within a short time

10. Casino Joy

At Casino Joy, one can experience the greatest joy of playing at an online casino in India. It provides the punters with the most excellent bonuses and promotions. One can play various casino games such as a table or card games.

Some best parts of Casino Joy is:

  • One can stand a chance to win huge progressive jackpots at Casino Joy
  • The customer support team at Casino Joy is amiable and understanding

How to Deposit at these Online Casinos?

Depositing at online casinos in India has been an easy option. Gone are when the person had to type all the credentials to deposit at an online casino in India. Earlier, people faced a real tussle between deposit methods as they were not convenient. Most of the online casinos didn’t accept Indian payment methods, and hence, a player had to go through currency exchange for the same. However, depositing at an online casino has become very simple now as a person can deposit in Indian rupees only.

Top 10 Online Casinos in India

There are various payment methods at online casinos in India, and the most preferred one is UPI, such as Google Pay or Paytm. The procedure for depositing money at online casinos in India is almost the same, irrespective of the payment method. Follow the steps to deposit:

  1. Go to your favorite casino
  2. Select the cashier page; it can be as the payment page or deposit page separately
  3. Check all the bonuses that apply so that you don’t miss the welcome or deposit bonus
  4. Choose your best payment method, such as UPI
  5. Enter the amount you wish to deposit – check the casino’s minimum and maximum deposit limit
  6. Enter your UPI ID or card details if you’d chosen a master or visa card
  7. Click on Okay, and the casino will initiate the payment

Withdrawing from Online Casinos in India

Make sure that you’ve chosen a suitable payment method at the time of deposit. Suppose a person chooses prepaid cards, then he wouldn’t be able to withdraw in the same payment option.

Top 10 Online Casinos in India

The person would have to choose some other options. Hence, it is advisable to fill in the details at the time of deposit itself and select the same payment method to keep track. Also, one should fulfill the entire wagering requirement before withdrawing funds from any casino. One can also withdraw or deposit using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as bitcoin casinos are becoming famous nowadays.

Follow these simple steps to withdraw from an online casino in India:

  • Go to the checkout section or withdrawal section. It can also be mentioned as the cashier page in a casino
  • Select withdrawal option from the menu
  • Choose your payment method
  • Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw
  • Enter the details if asked for Know, Your Customer
  • The casino will initiate the withdrawal process

Final Words

Online casinos in India have gained tremendous popularity, and they will increase 10X. The only thing that is being looked forward to by the industry is gambling regulations.

Top 10 Online Casinos in India

If the government chooses to regulate the industry, the country can boost its economy and generate many employment opportunities.

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