Jungle Raja Game | The Hottest Online Casino Game of 2021

The lover affair between India and the gambling industry has been going on for hundreds of years. Indian punters have always found ways to quench their thirst for gambling and it seems that more recently they have now been provided with an additional channel. The channel in question is that of online gambling that let’s players enjoy casino games such as the Jungle Raja Game.


A country with a population tipping over a billion, strides in modern technology has made it possible for Indians from all backgrounds to log into their favourite gaming platform be it on desktop or mobile. As a result, the online gambling industry have experienced phenomenal growth in India. What was once considered as taboo is now being considered a playful past time especially during the horrific times of the pandemic where Indians are required to take utmost care and caution. 

Perhaps the biggest reason that has led to the rise of gambling is that of convenience. As mentioned earlier, more Indians have access to both a smartphone and internet than ever before. While Apple reigns supreme in market such as America and Europe, India is home to a plethora of different devices. If the online casino is mobile optimised, then Indians will be happy to play at it with their mobile devices. 

Infact, nearly 80% of Indians like to place bets online. This is further boosted by the fact that online casinos unlike brick-and-mortar stores are open 24 /7. You as a player can log into a casino at any given time and place bets on your favourite casino games.


Next, you will find that online casinos have a ton of game options. Infact, as per the most recent study an online casino on average will host anywhere between 3000 – 1000 casino games! Compare this to the casinos in Goa where the games are in the hundreds not the thousands. You can try your hand at poker, blackjack, roulette, and online slots. 

Not happy with the generic versions of the games, then go for multiple options such as American or French Roulette. You can also opt to play live casino as well with a real-life dealer dealing the table. This feature allows you to interact with both the dealer and other players making the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Online casinos also offer bonuses to players which can be in the form of either sign up bonuses, deposit bonuses or cashbacks. None of the offline casinos will offer that. A sign-up bonus makes it easy for the player to judge the quality of the casino before placing bets on it. While a cashback bonus gives you even more incentive to come back after a losing day and play at the casino again.

Finally, payments are big factor. A good majority of the online casinos have local payment methods such as UPI, Netbanking while some even offer deposits and withdrawals via crypto currency. The reason for mentioning these factors is because we have managed to find an online casino that ticks all of these boxes. The Jungle Raja game was established in 2020 and offers players an online casino like no other. While some have gone for a more grown-up look, the Jungle Raja game goes for a more cartoony approach. However, there is nothing childish about this casino as they cover all the basics and more required to run a reputable casino.

Jungle Raja game offers tons of options in terms of games and rest assured they have best license in the business. This means all of your sensitive data is kept secure and away from unwanted eyes. If this is not enough for you then Jungle Raja game also offers a Rs500 for just signing up to their platform. Provide your name and email address and enjoy 500 rupees to play with courtesy of Jungle Raja!

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